Create a Playlist problem with newline characters

I have a folder with 500 songs, when I click FILE/PLAYLIST and create a playlist, I found it lists 501 songs.
After 2 hours I found the one song causing the problem.
I have attached it here.
My version is 2.97.
sorry cant upload mp3 what now?

When you load those files into MP3tag - what does the status bar at the bottom of the window tell you about the number of loaded files?

If you think that your phenomenon has something to do with a file itself, you should check it for consistency - see this link for links to some utilities that help in many cases:

I seriously doubt that this is an MP3tag bug as MP3tag usually does not invent filenames. (204 Bytes) I have just run the mp3 file thru MP3val. Came out clean no error.
I have attached the playlist file

Could you attach m3u file with 501 songs in, please? And song, which causes the issue

If this is the m3u entry of the file that causes the problems, then one could say that the entry is in an illegal format

#EXTINF:162,The Mama's and The Papa's
 - California Dreamin

The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin.mp3

The problematic entry is the line break in front of "- California Dreamin".
You would have to investigate how that got there.
Also, I think, the real filename should follow the previous line immediately without an empty line in between.

If one opens the original m3u then this produces an error that the extension of the file is not correct.

To investigate the tag field contents, use the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and see if there are any line breaks in the field TITLE.

I cant find line break char anywhere.
Can I email the actual mp3 song to ?
I am sure you will the problem

There are additional CR/LFs in front and after "California Dreamin". can I see these characters?
You cant see it in MP3tag

If you refer to my posting - I was writing about your uploaded Playlist-file.
If you ask for the mp3-file - take a hexviewer, i.e. Hxd (

I would just make a copy of the mp3-file, delete all tags and fill them in new manually. Then try again to create a playlist with the copy.

Had a look at ( , this is really for software developers.
I have just copied the mp3 file and overwrote all text manually. Problems solved. Playlist file ok.
Still leaves us a problem in MP3tag though.
Should enhance their coding to warn us about these characters.

I wonder which program got these characters into the title field.
I admit that a line break is not visible in the ordinary text field or file list.
But if you had inspected the TITLE field in the extended tags dialogue and opened the edit window, you would have seen more than just one line.
Also, you can filter for such files with
%title% MATCHES \n
I would do it to see if you have some more of these strange title fields.
If you fear that such a thing happens again, you could modify the setting for the extra information in File>Options>Playlist>enhanced information with a format string:
$replace(%artist% - %title%,$char(10),,$char(13),)

Thanks for reporting! I'll make sure to remove those newline characters before they're written to the playlist with the next release.

Thanks, both your suggestions worked on my problem.
But Florian, a code fix will be grealy appreciated!!!
We are novices..I just want to listen to my music.
I know very little about ASCII/Hex CRLF characters.

Fixed with Mp3tag v2.99b.

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