Create playlist in osx, not possible?

I cannot figure this out.
No "create playlists" button,
No File>export..
File>Save is greyed out, trial version limitation?

Other playlist topics mention keyboard shortcuts (e.g. ctrl+shift p), that don't do anything for me.

Just not possible in the OSX version?

OSX 10.5.7
MP3tag Version 1.1.1-trial (44)

Creating playlists is currently not possible and I'm working on it for one of the next versions. I'll keep you posted :slight_smile:

No, you'd need to do a change on the Tag Panel for the Save function to be enabled.

Hi Florian,
thanks for the speedy reply.

ok, got it, thanks.

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I've just released Mp3tag v1.2.0 that supports creating playlists and exporting to text and CSV files.

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