Creating a unique ID for each song to avoid duplication

Hi everyone, this is my first ever post, so please excuse me if it was resolved already before.

I have a huge library of 1000s of songs. I also have 100s of duplications. Annoyingly, so many of these songs has slightly different title names, so it's almost impossible to detect and remove the duplicated ones.

For example:
01 - song - artist
song - artist or artist - song

Is there a way to assign each song a unique ID or hash value and show those values in a column so I can easily spot and remove the duplicate songs?

I feel like this topic might be related to what I'm trying to achieve but looks a bit complicated to me:

Thanks in advance :blush:

This does not look like the title to me.
This looks like the filename.
Check which data you already have in the tag fields. If they are empty or filled only with parts of the data that is visible in the filenames, then first import the data from the unstructured filename into the structured tag fields.

From there onwards, you can sort, filter, rename the files and see whether you really detect duplicates in that way.
See also this discussion about duplicates:

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Yes, you're right, sorry. I meant filenames.

I tried to create filenames from title - artist but then it says it couldn't create because there are files with the same filenames already :frowning:

that's how I noticed I had many duplications.

I think that was quite nice of MP3tag to tell you that there would conflicts.
I would now sort by ARTIST and TITLE and then see if the similar ones are really duplicates or whether the metadata is not complete as you may have the single, the maxi, the remix, the live version, the version from a particular year or a re-release and so on.
There is also a tool out there in the internet "Similarity" that has a function to scan for duplicates.

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Thank you mate, I will give that tool a try.

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