uniqu song ID

I'm looking for a way to be able to create a unique song ID and put it in the tag. It would be created from the file name so if I were to use the same file again it would create the same number/entry.

I use radio software called station playlist and they use ape v2 tags

Is there a way to do this in mp3tag??

You could use one of this 3 values:
%_crc% .......: CRC32-Wert der Datei
%_md5% .......: MD5-Hash der Datei
%_md5audio% ..: MD5-Hash des Audio-Teils der Datei

Please have a look:
Wie vorgehen um doppelte per %_md5audio% finden

BTW: Creating an ID from the filename will never ever be unique .-))

There are many ways to create numbers for identifying objects in this world.
All the different methods have their own specific quality.

One of the very best things in this area today is the globally unique identifier or GUID to provide a unique reference number.
Typically a GUID is represented as text and can be stored into a tag-field like other text strings.
The big advantage is, that this number has no "physical relation" to the data in the file, that means, the music content can be changed, the tag-field content can be changed, the filename can be changed, but the GUID will still the same for this file object, assuming that no one touched the GUID itself.
See also:

Beside this GUID identifying method there exist some checksumming methods, which can help to detect if an data object has been changed anyway (size, content).
These are cryptographic hash functions like simple CRC32 or better MD5 or SHA-1 and so on.
Such a tool creates also an unique number for the one object, but the disadvantage is, that the calculation of the checksum costs time. The calculation has to be renewed every time, when the content has been changed anyway.
See also:

A GUID can be generated very easily and very fast.
There exist web applications, that can deliver one or many GUID.
There exist stand alone GUID generators. Each modern Windows system has a GUID generator built in.

Some days ago I made a proposal to use GUIDs also for the work on files with Mp3tag.

You can download a free GUID generator component and a generator user interface from there ...

Once you got the software installed and running, you can create a GUID.
Copy the GUID to the clipboard. Create a new tag-field "MY_GUID" or so, fill in the value from the clipboard, save the change. Your file is now globally unique numbered.

For applying many GUIDs at once you can put all the created different GUIDs into a text file.
Use this text file as input for the Mp3tag converter "Textfile - Tag".
Fill the GUIDs into a tag-field "MY_GUID" or so.
After tagging each of the touched files carries a globally unique number.

Keep in mind:
If you need to recalculate an ID number each time when you see the file, you will wasting time for the calculating process. And if you do not use a "strong" checksum or encryption algorithm, then you have the chance to get a duplicate number.

Edit. New link to "20110206.GUID.Generator.101.zip"
Edit. New link to "HTA.GUID.Generator"

I've created a csv with a sample file of 400 tracks or so..

I am having trouble importing an md5 hash to a field called "other" which is an ape tag

I've uploaded the file..

Need the best way to import for each track listed.

BTW it doesn't have to be a unique identifier.. An md5 would work well because I have the same track in different folders so the same hash result is what is needed in this case.

I've updated the csv file

classic1.txt (29.1 KB)

Either ID3 or APE should be supported by Mp3tag, make sure to have set the correct reading and writing options under Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Mpeg.

As described there ... near the bottom of message #13 ...
Wie vorgehen um doppelte per %_md5audio% finden

... use e. g. FormatString: %MY_MD5AUDIO%|%_PATH%
... or in your case: "%_PATH%","%MD5AUDIO%"

... because Mp3tag needs the full path to identify the file.
You have to adapt the mte report file too.


or in your case: "%_PATH%","%MD5AUDIO%"

I am familiar with the software but where do you insert the above information?
I can recreate the csv so the full path is there but where do I put "%_PATH%","%MD5AUDIO%"
to make it all work??

See dialog Mp3tag/Converter/Textfile-Tag
Formatstring: "%_PATH%","%MD5AUDIO%"
... assuming you have created this format with your mte report script or by another application.



"other" would be the output field used in the tag

Is the formatting correct?

Sorry, with the tag-field name.

Assuming APE supports user defined tag-fields, it should work.
Didn't you try it already?

I have banned APE tag completely from my files, because APE stands for:
"Advanced Problem Enhancer".


Worked like a charm!

I was using a different entry field.. thanks for directing me to the right place!

while I'm at it.. can mp3tag create the hash?

I am glad to hear that it is working for you!


I thought you did it already ?!?

Mp3tag can both create ...

  • MD5 hash for the entire file
  • MD5 hash just for the audio part of the file (recommended)

See "File properties" at


I used another program.. I was not aware mp3 tag could do it.