Creating an excel file from MP3 Tag Data

I want to convert my MP3 Music Folders into Excel Sheets which contain the MP3 Tag Data. Please guide me as to how to go about it as I am a novice on MP3 Tag Editor.

You can start with this documentation:

There is no direct way to create a *.xls or *.xlsx file from Mp3tag.
You need to create a CSV file first (with all the columns and data you want to export) and then import this CSV file into excel.

What do you want to achieve in Excel?
Most steps are also possible in Mp3tag itself, without the additional steps of export/import.

Just another thread about data transfer to excel

I agree with @LyricsLover:

which may be particularly tricky if you are

Try MPEG Audio Collection. It's windows based. It is old, but still working on Win.10 and 11.

Die *.csv Datei in Excel öffnen und die erste Spalte (A) markieren, jetzt auf die Registerkarte "Daten" wechseln und auf "Text in Spalten" klicken. Im ersten Fenster "Getrennt" wählen und im folgenden Fenster als Trennzeichen "Semikolon" wählen. Im letzten Fenster wird eine Vorschau angezeigt, "Standard" wählen und OK, das war es.

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