CSV Export with seperate cells

Trying to use the default CSV export but output creates a single cell for header and data output. I'd like each data item to reside in a single CSV cell instead of ";" as a separator.

What do you mean by "single CSV cell"?
The ; is the "C" in CSV ("comma") and if you import a CSV file e.g. into Excel, you get every piece of data that sits between a ; in a single cell.

So what should the result look like?

Each header such as ARTIST TITLE SONG should end up in a separate cell instead of a single cell with each field separated by a ; When I look at the export result the first cell contains all the data!

Answer my own question: use a comma "," not a ";" for separate cell entries. Also don't forget to quote around the metatags so a comma in the tag triggers another cell or field.