Export tags to Excel

Hello, can I export all the tags to Excel? I've looked through how to export but I couldn't locate send it to excel.

The search function in this forum with the search words "Export excel" reveals among others this topic:

thank you for the assist, though scripting is not thing and I'm trying to learn as fast as I can. i tried $filename and it came close to what I want though it's not exporting to excel?

MP3tag comes with a sample export script for the CSV format which should be something that Excel can import.
You may have to edit it for your requirements.
You may have to tune the import settings in excel to get a good result.
More on the handling of Excel and import of data from text files can be found on the Microsoft help pages:

What exactly do you mean with "not exporting to excel"?
Do you create a CSV file with Mp3tag that contains what you want?
Can you open this CSV file in Excel?

Please describe in more details what you have done and what exactly don't work.

can I export these columns MP tags to excel? Yes I did try though excel opens the file under an individual cell

I can hardly see anything in that screenshot. A list of fields (preferably with their MP3tag names) would be much nicer.

I do not doubt that you tried but for further support it would be very helpful if you told us what you tried esp. in repect to the export script showing the code, the steps you took to create the CSV file, the settings that you used in excel to import the data.
Also, a search in the forum might give an answer straight away:

and also here:

And finally, what is the purpose of all this?
I do not really see a lot of functions where Excel is better than MP3tag to manipulate tag data, on the contrary, I think there are a lot of functions in MP3tag that excel cannot offer.

I would assume that some time later you want to import the data again, so please make sure that you know the intricacies and what to look out for when importing data from text files: