CSV file not opening correctly

Normally when you open a CSV file for Excel, a box will open and you can format the file the way you want for the Excel columns. At the present time that doesn't happen, if you click on the file it just opens in an unusable format, everything on one line.Perhaps I've missed an update in regards to using CSV. I am using Ver. 3.18 of MP3Tag.

MP3tag opens the application that is associated to a certain file type.
So you could either change that association or check what has happened on the target program side.
(Which, all in all has only little to do with MP3tag but is a question of your system setup)

OK, my mistake. What I'm used to is the File Formatting box opening by itself now you have to click on the file in Excel to open it. Fixed the problem.

What have you changed since this thread?

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