.cue sheet export

$filename(%album%.cue,utf-8)PERFORMER "$iflonger(%albumartist%,0,%albumartist%,%artist%)"
TITLE "%album%"
$loop(%_filename_rel%)FILE "%_filename_rel%" $if($eql($upper(%_extension%),MP3),MP3,WAVE)
  TRACK $right(0%track%,2) AUDIO
    TITLE "%title%"
    PERFORMER "$iflonger(%artist%,0,%artist%,%albumartist%)"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

I have not found any ready to use solution for this specific task, so I wrote one myself.
If you can offer any alterations - please do.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing.

I can only point to alternative scripting functions which might make the script a little shorter — but it's only cosmetics: