Custom "sort by" for a field column instead of alphanumeric sorting

Throwing myself to wolves here probably but I'm not experienced enough to do it myself, but I think it's pretty simple and analyzing your advice will help me figure out problems in the future.

I want to sort my CD ripper confidence field by whether the value contains "Secure: no", "Secure: yes", or contains neither. This is instead of sorting by the default alphanumeric characters at the beginning. I can visualize the process but don't know the syntax.


Please show us a screenshot from Alt + T on one of your loaded tracks to see which "CD ripper confidence" tag you can add to your columns in the file list view.

The column is already added, the issue is sorting the values in the column by some text that is inside the values. I'll post a screenshot example when I get home from work.


So the column is already added to extended tags, and the fields are as below


I'm thinking there is some kind of syntax I can use where I put the question marks that will sort the entries by "Secure: No" , "Secure: Yes", and by not having either.

I want to put special characters in filenames of insecure CD rips.

(These are fields created by dbPoweramp, by the way).

Wouldn't it then be much easier to filter for the files?

Anyway: you can use scripting functions for "sort by", e.g.
$regexp(%accurateripresult%,'.*Secure: (.*?)\s+.*',$1)
This expression should return Yes or No or the whole string and sort accordingly.
Test the string first in Convert>Tag-Tag

To be honest, I had forgotten the Filter option, and using quotes it got me all my Secure: No grouped together so I could run my Action.

But thanks for the reply as it does give me something from which to learn!

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