Custom Tools


I just wanted to thank everyone that is helping here and those that put together the FAQs. I just read dano's stuff about Tools, and made Google cover art search the default action for double click. Took me a bit of reading and 2 minutes to configure. :w00t:

Parameter for my custom Google cover art search:"$replace(%artist%, ,+)+$replace(%album%, ,+)"

Leave the "for all selected files" box unchecked.

I think the "replace" in the parameters can be omitted, but I know it works as it is.

Any custom tools you guys have made and don't mind sharing? :music:

Tools formatstring parameter for Artist via Google:

''$replace(%ARTIST%,' ','+','&','%26','?','%3F')'&as_qdr=all&num=20'

Tools formatstring parameter for Lyrics via Google:

''$replace(%ARTIST%' '%TITLE%' Lyrics',' ','+','&','%26','?','%3F')'&as_qdr=all&num=20'

Tools formatstring parameter for Images via Google:

''$replace(%ARTIST%' '%TITLE%,' ','+','&','%26','?','%3F')