dbPowerAmp wiping out WFED (PodcastURL)

WFED field is getting erased whenever I do any edit using dbPoweramp (e.g., changing the title). I can add a field called PodcastURL in dbPoweramp and it shows up in Mp3tag, but it doesn't have the WFED field tag (it has a PODCASTURL tag).

I know this may be a dbPoweramp issue, but you guys are always much more responsive to any requests for help.


I would say so.
So what could be the help except the advice than not to use the other program for tagging any more.
I would file a bug report for that program. Erasing fields is just unfriendly.

If you create in the "Mp3tag" user interface a tag-field with the name PODCASTURL, then "Mp3tag" creates in the ID3v2 tag a WFED frame.

You have detected, that the ID3v2 WFED frame is getting erased, whenever you do any edit using the "dBpowerAMP Music Converter".

Which filetype is involved in your test: MP3 or FLAC?
I assume that we speak about MP3 and ID3v2 tag.

You said, that if you add a field with the name "PodcastURL" in the "dBpowerAMP Music Converter" and it shows up in "Mp3tag", then it doesn't have the WFED frame (it shows a PODCASTURL tag-field).

You should check out (using a hex viewer) under which name of technical ID3v2 tag-frame this tagfield PODCUSTURL has been stored by "dBpowerAMP", isn't it the TXXX frame?
If it is the TXXX frame, then you can try to "re-create" a correct ID3v2 tag-field PODCASTURL (WFED frame).

Proposal, not tested yet ...

  1. Within "Mp3tag" copy the "dBpowerAMP" tag-field PODCASTURL (assumingly TXXX frame) to a helper tag-field TEMP (TXXX frame).
    Action "Format value", Field: TEMP, Formatstring: %PODCASTURL%
  2. Remove tag-field PODCASTURL (assumingly TXXX frame).
  3. Copy the tag-field TEMP (TXXX frame) to the new tag-field PODCASTURL (WFED frame).
    Action "Format value", Field: PODCASTURL, Formatstring: %TEMP%
  4. Remove tag-field TEMP (TXXX frame).

This discussion might give some more insights.


Thx for the response. It's not using the TXXX frame, rather a frame it names PODCASTURL. I tried jerry-rigging the results with no joy.
I've given up on dpPoweramp. Too much effort for too little savings in processing time.


Regarding any frame with the name "PODCASTURL" ...
I do not think, that we speak about a ID3v2 frame.