Default mp3 Player

My normal default mp3 player is MediaMonkey. When I view my files in Windows Explorer, the MediaMonkey icon appears next to each file. If I click on the file in Windows Explorer, the file plays in MediaMonkey.

In Mp3tag, however, when I double click a track to play it, it opens in iTunes (which is a pain for me, since it takes iTunes about 2 minutes to open). Is there a way to change/set what Mp3tag sees as the default player?

(I would remove iTunes from my computer, but I need it every once in a while for firmware upgrades on my iPod. I guess I could just rename it until I need to use it.)

Your link takes me to a page showing

"Configuration > Tools"

and tells me how to set up an action on double click.

Can you please tell me how to find "Configuration > Tools"?
I have looked all throughout the menus and cannot find it.

It's at the Options dialog.

OK, thank you.

Under Options > Tools, I created a tool called Launch Player, pointed it at MediaMonkey.exe, and checked the box to launch this tool on double clicks.

Now, when I double click on a track, it opens an instance of MediaMonkey, but it does not play the track. If I now double click on another track, it opens a second instance of MediaMonkey, but does not play a track, either.

What I need is a way to play a track in MediaMonkey (my default player) when I double click it. I can't figure out how to make this happen.

I have removed iTunes from my drive, because Mp3tag would open tracks in iTunes when I double clicked, even though MediaMonkey is set up as my default player. (And iTunes takes forever to open, and it is a resource hog.) After I removed iTunes, double clicking a track simply returned a message "Cannot open the file ...... for playing." So then I tried creating the tool to launch MediaMonkey, but I obviously did not know how to tell the tool to actually play the track, and to not launch a new instance of MediaMonkey on each double click.

Still trying to figure out how to double click a track and have it play in MediaMonkey (or anything other than iTunes).

To solve the problem of multiple MediaMonkey's opening, check the option of "Allow just one instance of MediaMonkey" in the options (of MediaMonkey). Now, for you to get it to play, need to do a tad more then just point it to MediaMonkey's EXE, for the "Parameter" put in:

/PLAY "%_path%"

This will clear your current Playlist in MediaMonkey and play the file you use this for (or add the multiple tracks and play one if you have several tracks selected.)

If you don't want your current Now Playing list cleared, you could use:

/ADD "%_path%"

That will add the track to the end of your current playing list. (but not play it automatically)

Many, many thanks, Mizery_Made

I figured I needed to supply a parameter/argument, but I didn't know the syntax. I took some guesses, but didn't get it right. Your instructions were right on the money.

I'm somewhat new to digital audio, and am learning several new programs at the same time. While I search the forums before asking my newbie questions, I sometimes can't find the right search terms to find the answers I need.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

As an Itunes user - I have to weigh in a big thank you too for posting these parameters. THANKS!

If there web page that lists some of these useful action parameters please pass on.