Defender Blocking mp3tagv316-x64-setup.exe

Just thought I'd mention as my first post here that I have used mp3tag for over 5 years now and never had an issue as far as I can remember.

That being said, Windows Defender (Win 11) is blocking the install of the new release:


I mistakenly downloaded the 32 bit version at first and FYI Defender is also locking that away.

I managed to complete a VirusTotal check on the 64 bit version within a Virtual Machine and it comes up clean.

Defender on the other hand is reporting that the .exe contains Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml which is not a great little thing to get on ones computer.


I'll assume this to be a false positive considering that I ran the file through VirusTotal with 0 and also because it seems Defender is just having some sort of fit ATM as is evidenced in the question asked here via

Microsoft Thread

Just thought I'd let you guys know is all.

I was about to report this also. It twice blocked my install earlier this morning. Now however it's not flagging and it installed OK.

I've just scanned again using both latest Windows Defender definitions 1.367.755.0 and VirusTotal and everything was reported as clean. Probably a false positive at the time of reporting.

I have the latest Win 11 Defintions as at right now my time (3PM AEST) which is 1.367.746.0 at my end and this was installed prior to this warning.

Will wait for 1.367.755.0 and remain with mp3tag v3.5 at this point in time.

Like I said, I am sure it is a false positive and it's not that I don't trust you Sir ... but I'm not super keen on the word "Probably" being used in that last statement TBH

You can just update the defender definitions through Windows Security settings. I also have 1.367.755.0 on my Windows 11 test system and no threat report.

As soon as I saw your post I checked to see if the Definition was available but right now it is not.

I am in Australia so I assume it to be nothing more than a timing issue in getting that latest Definition.

No problem ... I'll see if I get the Definition later tonight or tomorrow morning and will then try for tag v3.16 after the definition comes my way :+1:

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Confirming no issue on install now that both 1.367.766.0 and 1.367.806.0 definitions were installed.

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