Demand for a linux app?

Would anyone else be ingerested in a linux native app? I'm currently preparing to move to a linux distro myself from Windows 10 as this os is eventually going to pass on. I've also lost faith in Windows. I'm a total linux noob, but willing to learn. I would love to see this app make the jump with me. It sounds like a lot of other people are movjng to linux at the moment, so maybe it would be a good time to port the app.

Mp3tag is a truly excellent app clearly made from a passion project perspective. I would love to continue my use and support of this app after the linux transition.

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I get requests and suggestion for a Linux version of Mp3tag occasionally, so I'd say that there is definitely interest. At the moment I'm quite busy with the Windows and macOS versions of Mp3tag — but you'll never now.

For now, you can run Mp3tag on Linux via Wine. I've kept an eye on Wine-compatibility over the years and it works surprisingly well.

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Florian, Good morning,
I 'm using mp3tag for a very long time now. I've try it on linux with Wine, but i was not happy with it. So I used a tagger witch was a sort of clone of.......mp3tag. Was'nt happy with it and went back to Win.11. Maybe you can make mp3tag useable for Linux, specialy Ubuntu / Mint repro's.... Then I'll go back to Linux Mint.


I'm happy with this response. As long as it runs okay in wine under Ubuntu, I will continue to use the app. Thanks for the help.

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