Demand for a linux app?

Would anyone else be ingerested in a linux native app? I'm currently preparing to move to a linux distro myself from Windows 10 as this os is eventually going to pass on. I've also lost faith in Windows. I'm a total linux noob, but willing to learn. I would love to see this app make the jump with me. It sounds like a lot of other people are movjng to linux at the moment, so maybe it would be a good time to port the app.

Mp3tag is a truly excellent app clearly made from a passion project perspective. I would love to continue my use and support of this app after the linux transition.

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I get requests and suggestion for a Linux version of Mp3tag occasionally, so I'd say that there is definitely interest. At the moment I'm quite busy with the Windows and macOS versions of Mp3tag — but you'll never now.

For now, you can run Mp3tag on Linux via Wine. I've kept an eye on Wine-compatibility over the years and it works surprisingly well.

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Florian, Good morning,
I 'm using mp3tag for a very long time now. I've try it on linux with Wine, but i was not happy with it. So I used a tagger witch was a sort of clone of.......mp3tag. Was'nt happy with it and went back to Win.11. Maybe you can make mp3tag useable for Linux, specialy Ubuntu / Mint repro's.... Then I'll go back to Linux Mint.


I'm happy with this response. As long as it runs okay in wine under Ubuntu, I will continue to use the app. Thanks for the help.

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I have used mp3tag for some years now, in Windows and Linux. In Linux (currently Fedora 34) I find it works acceptably as long as the files are on a local drive. I can navigate to the network drive where my music library resides, but cannot open the folder because the path contains a colon. I have run other Windows programs with Wine (NoteTab Pro, Irfanview, Foxit Reader) which share this impediment. I found this:

which has several links to solutions to this problem. I will attempt to implement a solution, but I fear that like a lot of customizations, they may not be applicable to all the distributions, or may break after an update.

I should also note that once I drill down to the SMB share, response becomes very slow, so it is faster to copy the files with the Linux system to a local drive, edit, and copy back up to my network drive. If the solutions in WineHQ are actually faster, even if I can't manage to automate them, that will solve my problems.

After some searching, I must conclude that by Fedora 34, a number of changes to enhance security have made these solutions less than ideal.


It's great that you support it running under Wine. But I just ran into a load of problems with Wine again. It can't match a native Linux app. Also installing Wine on my machine means downloading over a GIG of packages whereas mp3tag itself is only just of 4mb. If there is demand but its still a bit "niche" maybe you would consider doing a donation only Linux version of mp3tag ? There are alternatives for Linux like kid3 and puddletag but they have a messy layout and workflow compared to mp3tag. As well as annoying problems such as puddletag not retrieving discogs cover art because the author refuses to support oauth3 (or whatever its called). I know its not simply "hit the port button" but Linux seems to have some mature porting tools these days.

+1 for a Linux version one day. I too have been using MP3TAG for years in Windows but since building a server running Linux Mint to hold my music and run Airsonic-Advanced sever to access it I would prefer to be able to tag direct on my server - it's still possible to use MP3TAG to access an SMB share though I have to play around with permissions of the folders and files far more in order to do so.
I have tried just about every other tagging solution available for Linux but they just aren't anywhere near as good.

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Linux needs that mp3tag vibe ! :sunglasses: