Differences to the Microsoft Store version

There is Mp3tag in Microsoft Store.

Is that the preferred version over the classical one that we have to use setup?


I would not prefer it as the store versions does not have all the features like the explorer context menu.

The store version is identical to the version distributed via the website, except for the following differences:


  • It doesn't come with the Explorer context-menu extension to open files and folders via right-click "Mp3tag".
  • It supports auto-updating without the need for manual download.


  • New versions are sometimes not available on day one of a release, but need to go through app review first.
  • The store doesn't have beta versions.

Except the Explorer context-menu extension, the others are not important to me. But the context menu extension is very convenient.

I have installed the Store-based app for a test. I found that I couldn't even do a "Open with" which is really bad. Obviously, it's a matter of programming because I have installed Store-based IrfanView and after installation, I can do "Open with" on all kind of image files.

I think the installation has to register the kinds of files (ie the file extensions) the application is able to handle. It's in this way that supported files can be sent to "Open with" which can be a workaround to missing context menu extension.

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