Different Bitrate value between mp3tag and windows explorer


I noticed the for some songs the Bitrate value displayed in Windows Explorer (WinXP) and the value shown for the song in mp3tag are different.

For example, one file shows up as 256kbps in windows explorer, while mp3tag says it's 181kBit/s

Any idea why?


MP3Tag says the right bitrate, Explorer is stupid. I think Explorer says the initial bitrate of the file, not the average bitrate of the whole file. Anyway the difference appears in VBR files only.


In programs such as winamp, itunes, and mp3tag, it shows the absolute correct information. If you are looking at a vbr mp3, it will usually show the highest bitrate possible. On itunes, it usually has a "VBR" beside the bitrate just to be sure.