Disc number not shown in windows file explorer

Hi, I've looked in the support community but don't see my exact problem.
When tagging multi disc files, the disc column remains blank even though I number the files as "1/2", for example.
Why is this not working in my Windows file explorer? See screen shots:

Thank you for your help.

Select a single file in the explorer, open the properties dialogue and see which description holds the data (I think it is "part of a set"). Add this description as column in the windows explorer.

In my german windows file exporer, the column name is not "Disc", it is called "Teil eines Satzes".

I assume, that it is called "Part of set" (#249) in your english Windows file explorer.

Brilliant! That's it - "Part Of Set".

Thank you all!

So the topic of this thread "disc numbering does not work" is not really right: the disc numbering worked as it should. Only the display program was not properly setup by the user.

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