Discnumber filling


I'm have a wish:

In the Autonumbering Wizard to have a new tool that "Fill 'Discnumber' from each directory".

When I rip audiobooks from CDs, the tracks from one CD is often ending up in a new directory.

Like this:
"MyAudibooks/Artist/Album disc01/...mp3"
"MyAudibooks/Artist/Album disc02/...mp3"
"MyAudibooks/Artist/Album disc03/...mp3"

What I wish is that it counts their containing filefolder in a ascending order:

"MyAudibooks/Artist/1a" -> "Disknumber": "1"
"MyAudibooks/Artist/1A" -> "Disknumber": "2"
"MyAudibooks/Artist/2a" -> "Disknumber": "3"
"MyAudibooks/Artist/2A" -> "Disknumber": "4"

and add this number to the colom "Discnumber".

NB! for me the discnumber is best when it is only a integer no 'disc' or 'cd' or '#' prefix

You can already get the discnumber with the function Convert>Filename-Tag:
Format string: Album Disc%discnumber%\%dummy%

For general requests on a discnumbering wizard see this thread.

What kind of filesystem are you using? Windows NTFS would not allow different folders where only the case varies. "1a" and "1A" would be treated as the same folders.

This is my most used setting for Tag - Filename

%artist% - %album% - $num(%discnumber%,2)_$num(%track%,2)
To accomplish this I have to manually mark the tracks and set disk number and save for every directory.

My O.P. was a wish for filling the colom of disknumber by the folderdir the *.mp3 files was stored in. Something like the Autonumbering wizard is doing for tracknumber 'Reset counter for each directory'
My example 1a | 1A... was an bad sort order illustration.

Please read again that I referred to the function
Convert>Filename-Tag and not

You can extract the DISCNUMBER from the folder name with the example I gave for the folder structure that you showed:
MyAudibooks/Artist/Album disc01/...mp3 -> Album disc%discnumber%\%dummy%
Please check the preview.

As you would have to specify anyway where in the strange string of "Album disc01" the discnumber is hidden, the program would have to "guess" where the number could be, you can use an action of the type "Guess value" (or the Convert>Filename-Tag function). So this feature is already there.

Yes and Ok :slight_smile:
First of, my filstructure is ok.
My rippingpros. Dont set any discnumber into the filetag.
I have to manually set the disk number in Mp3tag. To ensure that the tracks are played correctly on all devices.

I understand it's not easy to find the right disknumber from the foldername. So I thought that they may be created by the folder's normal sorting order.

If the folder structure is OK and is like you gave the example, then you can extract the discnumber from the foldername.
and then you don't

Setting the discnumber by far does not

as only very few players evaluate the field DISCNUMBER.

I doubt that there will ever be a built in function that guesses the discnumber from parts of the folder name. This will have to be done the user.
Or which discnumber would you guess from
George Benson's album "20-20".
Prince's album "1999",
Spliff's album "85555"
the sampler "Bravo Hits 68"
and so on.

I do not argue against an extension of the track numbering wizard to add an option to also set and increase the discnumber for each new folder.
But your first idea, to extract the discnumber from data in the folder name, this feature is already there.