Discogs authorization step by step

I have spent all day Googling and reading posts where folks get stuck on this one. The MP3TAG help index only discusses freedb under the sources topic.

There is no obvious way to enter my Discogs token or credentials in MP3TAG.

Can I get a step by step set of instructions to get Discogs working as a source in MP3TAG?

Thanks! :face_with_monocle:

here is a thread with a step by step instruction:

My difficulty is that step 4 never occurs:
4. Authorize Mp3tag when the Discogs authorization page appears

Is a browser page supposed to appear or some internal page generated by MP3TAG? Nothing happens.

Does MP3tag have Internet access:
Do you get a dialogue box when you call Help>Check for updates?

Another issue could be, that there is no default browser associated with URLs. Can you try "Help > Mp3tag website..." and see if it opens a browser window and the website?

When I select Help>Mp3tag Website my default browser launches and loads the proper page.

If I select Help>Check for new version it does not respond.

My browser passes TLS 1.2 testing.

This means that MP3tag and its scripts do not have internet access, probably due to being blocked in the firewall or something.
You would have to adapt your network configuration.

Are you on Windows XP?