Discogs failed to authenticate error

I've been trying to tag some mp3s using the usually reliable Discogs database as a tag source but keep encountering this message. Any advice on this?

Hi, today I was found this error and I can't connect with discogs anymore. I don't know if you have any tip to fix this kind of problem.
Thank you!

I have been receiving an error message since today when I try to access Discogs.

See Attached picture.Mp3tag_error

My Discogs account works!
(Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64, totally up to date!
the system time is ok)

Thank you for your help

Same error with me, using Windows 8

I don't have any idea on how to fix this error at the moment.

It seems to be related to a Discogs server update, which happened to be at the same time these errors started to appear. My guess is, that they've updated their server's SSL certificates to more modern versions and are dropping support for older clients (e.g., Windows 7).

Thanks to Florian for this information
Hope Discogs works again

Old man with old windows

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I'm getting the same message and have a few more details that might help...
Three times in the past six weeks or so, I've gotten a popup while accessing Discogs from mp3tag. It provides a code and tells me to enter it when asked. I'm not sure how the codes are generated, but I checked my Discogs account and found that I had indeed granted API access four times to mp3tag (once, in 2015 and three more times in the past few weeks). Now, it has stopped asking and started giving me this error message.
I've no idea if this is the least bit useful, but I'm really hopeful that someone who understands all of this can put the pieces together.

Yeah, It works fine on my Win 10 home PC but my notebook running Win 7 is vexed with this, I really hope it can be resolved now that Win 7 is not being supported it seems to be related but I really don't want to reinstall on this notebook in question as it is soon to be replaced so I don't want to waste the time on a fresh OS install with all the required reinstalling & tweaking on a decade old notebook.

Yeah, same here, since Windows 7 reaches its End of Life phase on January 14, 2020 it seems this is a unwanted kick in the pants. :-/

You may have a look on certificate / certificate chain of used cerificate.
open certmgr.msc and have a look if root ca is still valid.

Hello, everybody,

the problem also exists with Windows 8.1 (fully patched).

Best regards

I really don't know what I'm looking for I see nothing obviously Discogs related in certmgr.msc on my Win 10 install.

is using an digicert signed certificate
So you need do look for digicert ca at certmgr

Test: open that api url in internet explorer (not firefox cause firefox has an own keystore) to check if certificatei is valid against windows keystore.

on windows 10 keychain is valid:

I'm sure on windows 7 it isn't! Try to reproduce. Check certmgr for any Cert/CA in Chain.

You are correct. IE on Win 7 cannot read the cert (Page Cannot be Displayed) but Opera has no issues reading it.

Yep, i'm having the same problem, fully updated windows 8.1.

i guess opera has own keystore (like firefox). Just IE is using windows keystore.

open certmgr.msc and screenshot any digicert ca/cert you find.
maybe we need to export ca/cert from windows 10 and import to windows7

I wouldn't mess around with certificates and such unless I knew what I was doing. You can easily end up with a system that is less secure than before.

I had a look at their SSL configuration and it seems that they're using TLS 1.2 cipher suites that are not supported by Windows 7 and Windows 8 (except probably for Window 8 Server).

You can check here for the current configuration

and here for the list of supported cipher suites in Windows 7
and Windows 8

I wouldn't hope too much that this issue is easily resolved unless someone finds a way to import the missing ciphers or Discogs reverts the change (what they're not known to do very often or at all).

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that sceenshot doesn't tell anything, what I mean was to screenshot ca details....
ok, never mind, read florian's posting.

@florian working on certmgr needs special attention, that's true.
If problem occurs cause of windows7 does not trust an ca that is trusted by windows10, it's possible to trust them on windows7 too.Same thing you do on an company network, you trust your company's ca - mostly.

Could somebody please unfuck this for the stubborn win7 devotees such as myself?

Or offer a viable tagging alternative that would run on it?