Discogs HTTPS

I can´t connect with Discogs. I updated to v2.75 and revoked the permision in Discogs but every time that I try to use Discogs for tag source I have this message:

         "Failed to athenticate using OAuth(1)"
         >> -2146893018: 2148074278: Mensaje recibido inesperado,
         o bien su formato es incorrecto.

Never ask for new token or nothing. I think it is because since March 14 Discogs support only HTTPS but I have v2.75 that support too.
Every help it´s welcome.

Sorry because I don´t write english very well

Hi Juan Pablo,

glad you found your way to the forums!

  1. Discogs changed the API access to be HTTPS-only on March 14. Please see the corresponding announcement on the Discogs API Forums. This implies, that all Discogs Tag Sources now need to use HTTPS, i.e., https://api.discogs.com. I've updated the official Discogs Tag Source that ships with Mp3tag to use HTTPS (see the release notes for v2.74). Other Tag Sources that are published via the forums need to be updated by their corresponding authors/developers.
  2. The Discogs servers use TLS 1.2 for SSL connections, which is unfortunately not available on Windows XP. It seems, that people who use Mp3tag under Windows XP cannot access the Discogs API as of March 14, 2016.
Please let me know whether you can confirm that you use Windows XP?

Kind regards
– Florian

Yes Florian, I´m using Win XP.
I will try in my sister´s computer that have Win 7.

Thanks for response,