Documentation for 2.98 WSF additions

Version 2.98 apparently introduces some very welcome additions to the Web Sources Framework, but I cannot see them being documented yet.


Thanks for pointing. I've added the documentation with Mp3tag v2.98a.

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That include function looks pretty powerful.

Can you expand on what this does @Florian?

Is it like my request from a while back found here: WSS Options: Choose which tag to search

I think it does exactly what you were proposing in the linked topic. It's basically a way to reuse scripts in other scripts, e.g., where only the searchby parameters are different.

[Include] This key references another web source description file which is included into this file. The keys from the referenced file overwrite the keys from the referencing file. Examples of this feature can be found with the standard Discogs.src which references to reduce code duplication.

Absolutely it is, going from what you say. The only thing distinguishing those scripts were that searchby parameter which was my thread topic.

You can move that as implemented and thanks for adding this.