Dropping new files cancels selection of old ones and brings the view to the top of the list of files

If the user has a list of files that takes more than the vertical space of one main window [i.e. a situation when the user has to scroll to see some of them], then two things will happen when even more files will be added by the means of dragging and dropping:

A] the selection within the main window [if occurring in a given moment] will be cancelled

B] the list will be scrolled back to its top

To be exact, that is when the

Tools > Options > General > Select files automatically

option is inactive. Because when the check box for this is selected, then something different will happen:

C] selection will be changed to the newly added files

D] the list will scroll itself to a position where first two of the new files will be visible at the bottom

So what I would like to propose is another possible behaviors [to be set within the Options]:

E] the selection of old files would remain as it was

F] the list would not move a bit, showing the exact same files

I'm confused. You want to drag 'n' drop files with no indication that the action actually worked?


I am willing to take such a risk of not knowing. Other users do not have to take such risk, because what I am proposing should be configurable

every user does not have to take such a risk because any user can instead of the risk take notice of what is happening in the bottom bar of the Mp3tag in that very moment of the loading process, where for example a number of files is displayed. Because if the number changes then the user knows that a given load-up was successful; or at least performed to some degree. And that is because if someone objects by evoking a situation when e.g. 4337 new files are added [which would be a difficult addition to calculate in order to be sure if really all 4337 files were added]- to such argument I will point out that in current way the Mp3tag works a not complete load-up also can happen; for example on account of having among those 4337 files some that are not recognized by Mp3tag like for example SAP or JPG. Although, if I am not mistaken, that is also / already configurable- the feature of Mp3tag being able to spit out an error saying that some files were not loaded up because they were not recognized as valid formats

OK, I'm not trying to dissuade you, just wanted to be sure what you were proposing. You are right that everybody doesn't have to agree on every single thing. That's what makes the world go 'round, right?

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