duplicate tags

Many (1500) of my mp3 were corrupted by a program that added duplicate artist, title, album, and genre tags that contain bad information. In the tag panel, they appear separated by backslashes (). When I view tags (alt-T), there are multiple instances of each. Is there some way to delete the first occurance of each of these duplicate tags?

If you make a new action, you can set the action type to remove or merge duplicate fields.

Since the redundant fields contain bad information, I certainly don't want to merge them. And the tag contents are not duplicates--they just have the same tag type. When you say "remove duplicate fields", how do I specify which one of the two to remove?

Apparently it will remove the first one. There's no option to assign the order I think.
If you want another order, you can merge first and then delete the redundant stuff.

I've searched through all the help files and can't seem to figure out how to remove duplicate fields. Do I have to type some sort of action into the Convert->Actions dialog box?

It's an action type like Case conversion ...
It's not yet in the help file so i have added it here:

That worked! Thanks!