Easy way for Genre?

So I can use Musicbranz picard, select the album and get genre.

However I can't seem to find a simple way of just getting genre into a field.

I know genre is subjective and can be wrong, but at the moment a genre is better than no genre.

Does anyone know the easiest simplest way to grab the genre of a file? eg

ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)

Google search for that title gives.

Artist: Taylor Swift
Released: 2019
Album: Lover
Featured artist: Brendon Urie
Awards: MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video, MTV Video Music Award for Best Visual Effects
Genres: Bubblegum music, Pop
Nominations: MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video, MORE

These two - Bubblegum music, Pop

Would be fine. ( I always condense genres down later, as I hate the bubblegum thing)

Similarly - Genre * Bubblegum pop

Would work just as well.

Is there a quick easy way like that to pull genre in?

I don't know what is easy for you.
Here is a thread that ourlines the basic procedure:

Awesome, thanks, I didn't spot that in the search.

So it looks like there is a script that pulls the genre from discogs, which is great.

Do I save that as an inc file the same as the Stevehero beatport scripts? and then save in tag sources?

See the documentation on web source scripts:


As I wasn't sure what they were, was difficult to search for.