Edit track number

I wanted to edit the track numbers in, example 1970_001a. Now I got in 1970_001.

This is the string I use: $right(%year%,4)_$num(%track%,3) - %artist% - %title%

How do I do this. I needed because I have some songs (Singles) with a A & B side.


Do you really want to edit the track numbers? Or do you mean you want to rename your track name inlcuding the year and track number and artist and title?

How exactly do you want to have your trackname if the tracknumber is "1970_001a"?

Currently you cut the right 4 characters from %YEAR%, followed by an underscore, followed by 3 numbers from %TRACK%, followed by space a minus a space the content of %ARTIST% followed by a space a minus a space and the content of %TITLE%.

Please show us your wanted final trackname for such a A & B side single.

Just a reminder that the ID3 standard says that the field TRACK is a numerical string that allows the / as non-numerical character, the rest should be numbers.
So, in a narrow sense, using letters like "A" and "B" would be invalid data, at least according to standard.
MP3tag does not interpret the standard that strictly - but perhaps your player does.

And another question:
perhaps this is a similar problem as described in this thread:

Having a lot of digitized singles from my vinyl collection. For example:

Golden Earring - Back Home is a a-side.
Golden Earring - This Is The Time Of The Year is the b-side.
My single collection is catologed by year folder eg. 1970 - 1971 - 1972 etc.
To recognize a A and B side, I needed to tag this in this manner.

1970_001a - Golden Earring - Back Home
1970_001b - Golden Earring - This Is The Time Of The Year

I also have a database of my songs, not very much, but till now I can handle it.


IF your %TRACK% for
1970_001a - Golden Earring - Back Home
currently contains

IF your %TRACK% for
1970_001b - Golden Earring - This Is The Time Of The Year
currently contains

If this is correct, you could just use
to build your new filename

If you have something else in your %TRACK%, please show us the real current content with a screenshot.