Editing MP3 and WAV properties

I am trying to create a sharable folder on Dropbox or OneDrive with about a dozen tracks of an LP album that was recorded about 50 years ago in Brazil. Several years ago, I took it to a local recording studio and had them convert the tracks to both MP3 and WAV files. They did a really good job editing out the scratches and noise.

But as I view the list of files in the Windows 10 File Explorer, I see that several of the Property Details fields (Title, Contributing Artists) are incorrect. But when I try to change the settings, the damned software keeps throwing my changes away. I don't know what the geniuses at M$FT were smoking when they wrote this code, but it is total garbage.

Ok, rant off. Here's my question. Can MP3Tag do this job? That is, change those properties quickly and reliably? I am not an expert at this, so I hope there is not a huge learning curve.



To me it is not quite clear which job you mean. But MP3tag is a tagging program to modify the embedded metadata in mp3 and wav files, among others.

OK. I downloaded and installed the software. I then opened an MP3 file with the File Explorer right-click option. I got a screen with the properties on the left and just that one file listed in the main window.

I filled in values for Title, Artist, Album, Year, Track, and Genre.

But then I could not see a way to save that information. Under File, the Save Tag option is greyed out, the Save Configuration option seems to be something completely different, and I don't see any other "save" options.

How do I save those settings?

It also looks to me like I can load multiple files at once. If I do, will any properties I set apply to all of them? If so and if I can find out how to save them, that would save a lot of time.


Is "metadata" the same thing as "properties"?

Can MP3Tag set values in what Windows calls "properties"?

Please have a look at this introduction.

Before you can change anything on the left, you have to choose a file to update on the right.
Once you highlight a file, the current tag contents will show up on the left. You can add missing items and change any that need to be corrected. Then press the save button.

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I did read that piece, but I missed the part about selecting the file. I had only opened one file, so I assumed that any changes would apply to it.

I think code should be added to warn a user if they change any metadata and no files are selected, especially if they exit without saving.

Thank you, Thank you! :slight_smile: That was the problem. As I said above, I find it misleading that I can change settings with no files selected.

I do not think that you can change settings permanently if no file is selected.
Please see also this thread on a similar topic:

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