Encoded by and Encoder settings


The encodedby and encodersettings tags don't work properly. I can use other mp3 tagging programes that see these tags perfectly while mp3tag doesn't see any value for them at all. Just a heads up for the next update release. It would be nice to have that information for exporting purposes.

Thank you.

erweiterte tag-felder

Can you please send me one of those files for analyzing the issue?

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I sent you the file and the name of the program I used to get the said tag information.

Thank you for looking into this.


The tag of this file does not contain any information regarding the encoder used to encode this file. dbPowerAmp retrieves this information by analysing the file (and Mp3tag doesn't do this).

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erweiterte tag-felder

Thank you for looking into it. It's too bad it would take too long to organize mp3 files if mp3tag had to analyze each file for this information.

Thanks again.