Error encountered when modifying file information

"For some reason, I don't know why a popup window appears when I am modifying files.

Batch modify titles, artists, and covers.

A message box will pop up with options to abort, retry, or ignore.

I hope to have the option to never ask about this functionality again."

Click on File -> Options -> Messages and deactivate all popup windows that you don't want to see anymore.

(I'm not sure what you mean with "modifying file information":
If you try to rename or move files that already exists in the target folder, you have to choose another format string to get another target filename. You can not have the same filename twice in the same folder.)

If you still get such a popup window, please show us a screenshot to see what the reason could be.

Messages by the OS cannot be switched off, though.
So if you don't want to see that message then rename the files in such a way that no duplicate filenames are the result.