Exchange/Move/Copy values of tags

To my surprise, I still find many mp3 files which have the artist name written into the album tag and vice versa. Perhaps, there are some buggy mp3 softwares around there that do not write the tags correctly.

Therefore, it would be nice to have following features for a selection of files:

  • Move the content from one tag to another.
  • Copy the content from one tag to another.
  • Exchange the content of two tags.

I can select the files and fix the artist/album tags and leave the others with . But certainly, the proposed feature would make this more easy, specially if I have to fix files from a lot of artists/albums.

Yes, I'm trying to achieve something similar...

For the past couple of years I've been using an ALBUMARTIST tag to generate paths as it was the easiest way at the time to create the structure I wanted. (esp with lots of VA albums)
Now I have the problem that all my older files don't have this tag and I'd like to take the ARTIST tag and duplicate it to the ALBUMARTIST tags (except for those that are by VA obviously :smiley:)

I'm new to Mp3tag (loving it!!) and I've done a search but can't seem to find that functionality, anyone have any tips...?

^ Maybe


You're my new hero!!

Works like dream, thanks very much!

My search terms obviously weren't appropriate.

REALLY loving the app now... :smiley: