Exclusively omitting "(feat. ____ )" from all track titles

I've recently made a post about removing the "(feat. ____ )" portion from the TITLE field of a tracks like this:
Legends (feat. Kalibwoy) (SuddenBeatz Remix)

I was kindly pointed in the right direction of using
Format Value
Field > TITLE
Format String > $regexp(%title%,(.*)\(.*\) (.*),$1$2)
which brought me to the desired result of
Legends (SuddenBeatz Remix)

Moving forward from that, though, I have other tracks that are not remixes, such as
Nightmare (feat. Pusha T & Barrington Levy)
And when I attempt to use the same method on these, the results remain
Nightmare (feat. Pusha T & Barrington Levy)

Is there a way I can effectively change both kinds of tracks at once from this:
Legends (feat. Kalibwoy) (SuddenBeatz Remix)
Nightmare (feat. Pusha T & Barrington Levy)

To This:
Legends (SuddenBeatz Remix)

(Special Thanks to ohrenkino for helping me on my last post!)

Ah! After fiddling around with the function I had been using (and another that ohrenkino had given me to use) I was able to recognize some of what each part of the function actually does.
By using this:

I finally figured out that if I simply add a space before the rest of the expression part of the function, it works for my purposes perfectly!
$regexp(%title%, \feat.*?\),)
was the function that worked. I didn't expect my solution to be so close to what he had already provided me!

Either way, thanks again ohrenkino!

This should probably be: $regexp(%title%,(.*)\s*\([^()]*\)\s*(.*),$1 $2). This removes the first pair of round parentheses and all of its enclosed contents. It could be elaborated a bit: $regexp(%title%,(.*)\s*\(f(?:ea)t(?:\.|uring)?\b[^()]*\)\s*(.*),$1 $2)

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Ah so to be sure, if I'm reading this correctly, this will remove the set of parenthesis (and its contents) if ANY of these forms are used:
(ft. ____ )
(feat. ____ )
(featuring ____ )

That's a good idea, thank you!

Yes, and the trailing period would be optional.

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