Explorer doesn't show FLAC artist names, albums and numbering in music folder

Lately I have been customizing my songs with this program, but there is something that happens, and that is that when I make a change, the names of the artists, albums and numbering are no longer visible, and I really don't know what to do. As you may know, the files are in FLAC format, this didn't happen to me before, but now it does.


Does this thread help?

It didn't work for me, I did the procedure of using FOOBAR2000 converting the same song from FLAC to FLAC and it gives the same result, no me aparecen los metadatos

The foobar step also included a reduction in field lengths in the original post.
As Mp3tag and e.g. foobar apparently show the tag data correctly, I would see this as an explorer issue which should best be addressed in their support.
Or simply ignore the ability to show flacs properly and use decent players.

Windows support of FLAC was only introduced in recent versions. But it isn’t really stellar. I wouldn’t trust the display in Windows over what you see I mp3tag or any player software properly built to support FLAC.