Music metadata not shown in windows explorer

I like mp3tag and I use it to edit music metadata. I can see full metadata of my music in mp3tag but if I use windows explorer, little metatdata is shown. If I check Properties of a song, the Details tab is almost empty, which should be filled with album, year, etc. that I added through mp3tag. And I can't find any rule what kind of metadata can be seen in windows explorer. Some music miss track numbers, some have wrong album names and some have no titles. What's wrong?

What kind of files are we talking about? MP3? FLAC? MP4?
What kind of tags are in the files? only Id3Vx or also APE?
Do you happen to use ID3V2.4 tags?
Which tag versions do you read, write and delete?

All my music is flac. How do I check metadata format? Probably that's the problem. Which metadata format is better? Thanks!

OK. FLAC has only vorbis comments.
But see this thread on flac support in windows:


It seems we have same Windows problem.

My experience in some FLAC files from DG. It has very very long Title or/and very long Artist, it also has 1280 x 1280 cover art imbedded. The Flac tags displayed normally by Mp3tags and FB2000. But some fields no shown both in Windows Explorer and WMP.

After reduce the long fields length and Art work size, then reconvert those FLAC files to FLAC again by using FB2000, that will force the tags information rewrite, then all tags fields displayed normally by Windows.

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Thanks! You found this issue in 2015 and windows hasn't resolved it yet...

Hi rwolf,
Did you tried re-convert your FLAC according to my suggestion? How is that work?

Windows 10 did fixed it's FLAC display issues 2 years ago, although not perfect. Following is only my guess, advise needed. Your Windows issues might just WMP display coverage limitation. It does need further improve. As you know, these are many music players available in the market. Every player has its' own specialties. Unfortunately current FLAC tags standard format only cover limited information, most player content much bigger information and do not handle well by standard.

Mp3tag and FB2000 have better compatibility then many other players. If your FLAC file tag is designed to certain player, its tag information might too rich to fit WMP. Quick fix is like my suggest, re-convert your FLAC by FB2000 to remove and re-structured those rich tag information.

It works perfectly! I really appreciate it! By the way, which flac level do you choose when you convert flac to flac? And which level does windows media player choose when ripping CD?

Hi rwoft, congratulations!

As my understanding, different flac level basic no effect to the sound quality, only file size to store and CPU usage to code/decode. So I just let it default.

Reconvert flac to flac, most converter only re-write tag information according to information you specified to new file. No compression actual preformed. It is also my guess since the conversion is so fast.

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