Export Action to txt

Can someone explain how to setup an action that exports the track list I've selected to a txt file.

somthing like this;
$loop(%track%) %_filename_ext%; %track%; %title%; %_length%

I've tried various things, can't get it to work.
It really can't be that difficult, but it has me confused.

No! I don't want to install anything from exports add-on page, etc.

If you can start from the main "Actions" menu, will be much appreciated.

from a very confused user.

Hi there :slight_smile:

You can have a look at File > Export... where you have a export configuration txt_taglist. It's probably the most basic one, which you can simply duplicate to have a working copy for your own needs.

Based on your example from above, I suggest using something like

$filename(txt,utf-8)$loop(%_path%)%_filename_ext%; %track%; %title%; %_length%

You can then create a new action group and add a new Export action to this group, selecting your export configuration as the export to be executed.

After that, you can perform this action again and again and again :slight_smile:

File Export works perfectly for me.
no need for actions.


:slight_smile: easy when you know how.

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