Export cue sheet by album name


I have a folder with several hundred FLAC tracks ripped from several dozen individual albums. (All tracks are properly tagged.) I can export selected files into individual CUE sheets with Ctrl-E and the following template code:

PERFORMER "%album_artist%"
TITLE "%album%"
$loop(%_path%)FILE "%_filename_ext%" WAVE
TRACK $num(%_counter%, 2) AUDIO
PERFORMER "%artist%"
TITLE "%title%"
INDEX 01 00:00:00

Is there a way, however, to select all the files in the folder at once and export a separate CUE sheet for every single album (i.e., export by "album" tag)?


here is a thread that deals with one export file per folder:

The gist of it being: you have to include a path component and a varying field variable in the filename.