export DJ-Sets for MixesDB.com

http://mixesdb.com is a database for dj-sets which circulate in the internet with focus on electronic music (house, techno, minimal, ...). It lists dj-sets and their tracklists, file details, dates, artists, clubs, events, radio shows, podcasts, flyers, etc.

It's a user based database, so it lives from contribution. You need to register and to add new DJ sets. Please be sure that your information is right before you add a new mix and take some care with right formating of the mix title and page.
This export file is for quick extracting the information of your already propper tagged mp3 files for quick copy & paste into the mixesdb database.
A few manuall changes are still required to get the proper formats of mixesdb.com. But the main part is done automaticly. The instructions for the canges are give in the export txt file.

the export script creats a new folder where it saves the template:
You can edit this in the first line of the script and change it into any path you like, e.g.:
(which is what I did, since this path is already existing and more appropriate, but I can't set the user names)

Feel free to give any suggestions for improvement of the script.

by the way:
I've also done a web source script which does the trick the other way around:

mixesdb.com_template_txt.mte (2.56 KB)