[WS] mixesdb.com

newest version: 3.3 (uploaded 05.03.2012):
MixesDB.com_3.3.zip (25.9 KB)

http://mixesdb.com is a database for dj-sets which circulate in the internet with focus on electronic music (house, techno, minimal, ...). It lists dj-sets and their tracklists, file details, dates, artists, clubs, events, radio shows, podcasts, flyers, etc.

the script writes these ID-tags:

artist = DJ name(s)
albumartist = DJ name(s)
album = name of event/club/podcast/radioshow
title = name of event/club/podcast/radioshow + date (DD.MM.YYYY)
year = year
genre = genre
unsyncedlyrics = notes & tracklists
www = the reference page at mixesdb.com
pubisher url = the page where official mixes (mailny podcasts) are published
mixesdb.com title = page/mix name at mixesdb.com
comment (optional) = tracklist status
coverpicture (optional) = coverartwork/flyers

the script has several "options".
these are places at the script which i prepared for easy editing.

open the script with a text editior (e.g. notepad.exe or wordpad.exe).
go to the places which are marked like this:


option so and so

there you find an easy explantion what you can choose there and how to do this.
the options work by writing or deleting the hash/pound character --> #
(if "#" stands in front of a line, this line is ignored by the script. so you can block certain things by adding it in front of the line and allowing other things by deleting it, where i have blocked something by default)

the options are:

  • mixesdb.com-title as album or title name (default: neither)
  • European or American date (default: European date)
  • mutivalue or standard tags for genre (default: multivalue tags)
  • tracklist status into comment tag (default: no)
  • image into cover artwork (default: no)
  • tracklist into lyrics or comment (default: lyrics)
  • tracklist into lyrics AND comment (default: no)
  • mixesdb-url & publisher-url into www tag or extra tags (default: mixesdb-url into %www% & publisher-url into %wwwpublisher%)

-you have to edit this options in every script (of the nine different search scripts) you want to use. so if you want to use all of them, just edit one of them and them copy & paste the edited album section into the others. they only differ in the search & index section.
but for most people, the first script (advanced search - DJ) will be enough. or you just leave every otption as set by default.

  • if you use multivalue tags for genre (deffault), you have to do an additional saving after running the script. without an extra saving, the genres are in one tag and separated by "\\". so you have to press strg + s after running the sript.
    when you use a mediaplayer which does not support multivalue tags, you will only see the first tag.

there are now 9 different ways to search:
advanced search by DJ / DJ + Album / DJ + Year
with advanced seach, you can search for everything contained in the page title (=name of the mix).

advanced search in categories by DJ / DJ + Album / DJ + Year
with advanced search in categories, you can search for all categories attributed to a mix. you have to sepereate them with AND if you combine more than one

listing of categories by DJ / DJ from Year
this lists ONE category, beginning with the oldest mix or with a year you can select. this require the excact name of the category and is Case Senitive

direct per URL
this is for direct copy & paste of the URL from your browser if you have already watched the page there.


  • the different sub-searches differ only in the way they get the search word from the mp3 file. you also can search for albums (name of event/club/podcast/radioshow) instead of the DJ, but you have to type it in manually.
  • in advance search and advance search in categories:
    • CaPiTalizAtiOn doesn't matter
    • you can use and combine the operators OR, AND, *, ( ),
  • categories generally require exact spelling of all words, but are only case sensitive at listing. If you search for DJ Hell or Sven Väth, you will get matches with all searches and listings for "DJ Hell" and "Sven Väth", only in advanced search and advanced search in categories ofr "dj hell" and "sven väth", only in advanced search for "hell", "sven" and "väth", and no results for "d.j. hell", "sven vath", "sven vaeth", "Papa"...
  • there are categories for everything at MixesDB: artists, clubs, events, shows, podcasts, year, genre, radio, trackliststatus,

by the way: i have made a export script which helps you to add new mixes to mixesdb.com:

any suggestions for improvement of the script are appreciated
please also give feedback when you come across pages at mixesdb.com which don't work with the script

script installation & usage:

  1. download the zip file & extract it

  2. move the files into this folder: %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources

    (just copy&paste this into windows explorer adress bar)

  3. run the script from Mp3Tag with this button:

newest version: 3.3 (uploaded 05.03.2012):
MixesDB.com_3.3.zip (25.9 KB)

EDIT 05.03.2012: quick fix for mixesdb.com search engine changes advanced search in categories doesn't work anymore. I included two scripts which have nothing to do with mixesdb.com but with dj-set in general. They are for soundcloud.com and mixcloud.com. Both have no search function, you need the URL of the soundcloud/mixcloud page as search input. Both try to give you tracklists. Mixcloud from the real tracklist on the page. Soundcloud form the timed comments. So at soundcloud, you will have to do some manual clean up after using the script. Just give them a try.

MixesDB.com_3.3.zip (25.9 KB)

i updated the script.
there is now only one script which works for all dj-sets which are listed at mixesdb.

another update:

another update

there are now different options in the script. you can select these options by writing or deleting the hash/pound character --> # at the beginning of the lines,
the options are:

  1. European or American date type (dd.mm.yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd)
  2. Notes & Tracklist into unsyncedlyrics-tag, comment-tag or both
  3. The URL of the reference page at mixesdb.com into www-tag, mixesdb-url-tag or non

another update (2.5)

The script wasn't working for some time. Now it works again.


  • Only the visual information on mixesdb.com after "Notes & Tracklist" is now writen in the unsyncedlyrics tag. That is a minor change at the start and at the end. The headline "Notes & Tracklist" is now omitted at the start. And at the end the hidden " Retrieved fromh http://mixesdb.com/db/index.php/..." ist now omitted.
    The result of this is that there is written no unsyncedlyrics tag if there is no information at mixesdb.com.

  • The URL of the reference page at mixesdb.com is now writen into the www-tag as default.

I did no extensive testing this time. So if there are any problems with certain pages at mixesdb, let me know!

(See starting post for script download)


Thanks for the script. It works good. I added Tracklists to some of my Mixes.
But there are two things I would like to change.
When I've save the tracklist at the top of the list stands a eng||. Is it possible that this eng|| wouldn't be imported?
And the second thing is the date. What must I change in the script to get the date in the title in brackets like this (15.03.2010).

I hope my english is not too bad. I'm not the best in writing in english

"eng||" only indicates that the language of the lyrics is English. It is not imported by the script but generated by mp3tag itself. As far as I know you can't get rid of it.
But don't let that irritate you, it normally does not appear when you watch the lyrics later in an audio player.

replace say " - " in front of the date with say " (" and put say ")" after the line which writes the date.
like this:

# Title (= Show Name & Date)

outputto "title"
sayoutput "album"

outputto "title"
say " ("

outputto "title"
findline "id="firstHeading""

## OPTION: #################################################
## The date is in the European DD.MM.YYYY way as default. If you want
## to keep it in the American YYYY-MM-DD way, put this character: #
## in front of the following two lines.
  RegexpReplace "(\d\d..-..)-(\d\d)" "$2.$1"
  RegexpReplace "(\d\d..)-(\d\d)" "$2.$1"
######################################### end of option ####

findinline ">"
sayuntil " - "
say ")"

I made another update: 2.7
the old version wasn't working anymore.
See starting post for download.

There has been a little changing in the script at the index page:

In the first line you see now how many mixes are shown. If there are more than 200 mixes by a DJ, only the first 200 are shown. (I can't change that, sorry.) You can't click on that first line, it's just for info. Jst a little gimmick I built in.

In the last line you see now the adress of the artist page you have chosen. I coudn't avoid this due to a few changes at mixesdb.com, but it doesn't harm. On the contrary, you can choose it and click on the preview-in-browser button (down left) to get to the artist page. Can be usefull sometimes.

I've updated the script: Version 3.0

Lot's of improvement! Much better searching & more information into the ID-Tags.
In short:

Update 3.0:

new search: advanced search (dj, dj + year, dj + album), shows up to 1000 matches

new search: advanced search in categories (dj, dj + year, dj + album)

new search: list category + year

new search: direct by URL

new tag: genre: the script is now able to genres, it writes them into multivalue tags.

new tag: publisher URL (if given, mainly with podcasts) is now writen in a extra tag (%wwwpublisher% / Publisher URL). furthermore it is now writen in full length at the start of the tracklist. fefore it was writen in shortend form, which lead to cuts in the middle at long URLs

new tag: cover picture saved into ID-tag or directory if available at mixesdb.com (blocked as default)

new tag: tracklist status into comment (blocked as default)

new tag: mixesdb.com title as extra tag

changed: "live" for live performances is now only writen in the title, and not in the album anymore.

fixed: there were additional free lines between the tracks at many tracklists. ichanged the way the script deals with line breaks in the tracklist section. gives better results for most pages, but some may have been better before.

fixed: script does now recoginze tracklists if the notes & tracklist section is splitted in two sections. the script does NOT write the notes section in this cases. this is mainly to avoid to much text in the ID-tags which leads to unusefull matches in medialibraries when you search for something.

fixed: problem at some sites to recognize the mixesdb URL (www tag)

(see starting post for download)

Update 3.1:

updated: I changed BAND to ALBUMARTIST according to the changes in Mp3Tag v 2.46d. This only affects the way the tags are named inside Mp3Tag. For other media players or any other applications the tags keep the same. See here for more information:
[F] Mp3tag v2.46a - 'Album Artist' Not Correct

fixed: Categories which names started with a genre like "Techno Parade", "Rave On Snow" "Housesession" have been written in the genre tag before.

see starting post for download

Update 3.2:

Pseudo titles whick show File Details and Notes form MixesDB
I have thought on different ways to to display Fake- & Repeat Warningns, File Details and Notes form MixesDB in the "Adjust Tag Information" Dialog and finally succeded. The trick I used is to present various pseudo tracks which show the information in the title field. The script shows now the first six tracks with the correct title of the DJ set. The following tracks show File Deatails & Notes in the title field. These information is normally not written anywhere. It's just for you to check if your file version corresponds with the one listed at MixesDB.
If you have a DJ Set which consists of more than six parts, you have to correct the file titles of the last part manually in Mp3tag after using my web sources script.
I managed to leave the TRACK field empty. This is important for me, because I often use the script to tag pretagged podcasts, where I don't want to overwrite the episode number.

The script had an improvised error display made by myself if no results were found at mixesdb.com. Now you see the proper Mp3tag message window for that case.

The genre Drum & Bass was not recognized.

The Cateory List scripts haven't been working for some time due to changes at mixesdb.com. This is fixed now.

Feel free to write comments and suggestions for improvement!

  • download in the starting post -

Update 3.3:

quick fix for mixesdb.com search engine changes
advanced search in categories doesn't work anymore.
I included two scripts which have nothing to do with mixesdb.com but with dj-set in general.
They are for soundcloud.com and mixcloud.com. Both have no search function, you need the URL of the soundcloud/mixcloud page as search input. Both try to give you tracklists. Mixcloud from the real tracklist on the page. Soundcloud form the timed comments. So at soundcloud, you will have to do some manual clean up after using the script. Just give them a try.

  • download in the starting post -


List Category - DJ and List Category - DJ & Year stopped working.

If you have the time :sunglasses:

Hey dude, are you ever going to support this extension again? I guess you could add the album Cover (from the image), genre (from the tag link field) and date (from DATE SOUNDCLOUD tag).

I could show you an image showing it where exactly, but I suppose you already figured out what I'm talking about.

Are you talking about the soundcloud script?
It had all those things you propose. I don't know if i fix it. Soundcloud changes their page too often.

Hi pone, I've tinkered with the script and have been using it for a while (4months) and it seems stable enough.. (I hope you don't mind?) Here's the script if you want. The SC tags has been fixed. It wasn't picking up them fully. And other modifications that I like. I shalll not be updating this on here as the base code is 90% Pones and I only fixed it for my own uses but seeing that it has been left idle for a while here it is:

MixesDB.com_3.3__Soundcloud.com_Direct_by__WWW_URL.src (18 KB)

I also was trying to get the [indexUrl] method working. I've used:


but it comes up with this:

Maybe you might be able to help me out and trouble shoot it seeing as you have more experience than me :wink:

So far Ive tried:


but all come back with the same error.

Attached TEST script for searching: _MixesDB.com_3.3__Soundcloud.com_Search_by__Album_Artist____Title_TEST.src (1.9 KB)

MixesDB.com_3.3__Soundcloud.com_Direct_by__WWW_URL.src (18 KB)

_MixesDB.com_3.3__Soundcloud.com_Search_by__Album_Artist____Title_TEST.src (1.9 KB)

Hi Pone, sorry for asking again but would you know why this error is happening like I describe above? I just can't put my finger on it.

I don't get it fully.

Have you fixed the soundcloud script into a working script again?
What you have attached above is only the firtst part of a script. Only the head and the [ParserScriptIndex]=... part.

My soundcloud script was exactly the opposite, an incomplete script which is not able to search. There is not [ParserScriptIndex]=... part, you need the soundcloud URL to get it working. So what you have attached isn't based on my script. I looks to me as you are trying to build a search for the script, don't you?

As for the [BasedOn]=... part in the script head. As far as I know it's completely redundant. I have i there only by habit. The lines which matter are [IndexUrl]=... and [AlbumUrl]=...

I don't mind anyone modifying and uploading my scripts. Quite the contrary, I'm happy if the scripts get expanded or if I get help with the script updates.

Well, trying to fix my google images script brought me to understand your question. It seems that https is the problem. But I don't have a sollution so far. HTTPS is a secure internet protocol, whatever that means. Maybe it ist speciffically built to defend scripts like we are building.
I don't know.

I started a discussion about this here:

Hi Pone,

I'm trying to get the SC script up and running again. They have changed something which makes the script I modified fail..

I've tested this and no luck. Maybe it's been so long since I've properly scripted that I'm missing out on something obvious.

[Name]=Soundcloud.com - Direct by URL
# debug "on" "C:\debug album soundcloud.txt"                 # PLACE AFTER HEADINGS TO WANT TO DEBUG (OPTIONAL)
# debug "off" "C:\debug album soundcloud.txt"                 # PLACE AFTER HEADINGS TO WANT TO DEBUG (OPTIONAL)
outputto "ARTIST"
say "artest"

    # outputto "COVERURL"
    # sayregexp "(?<=\"og:image\" content=\").+?\.jpg"

    #eg. "og:image" content="https://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000091301382-zqlj2h-t500x500.jpg?

It comes back with error connecting to:

Debug doesn't help either as it doesn't even reach SC.

Maybe you could help me out a bit. Thanks.