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Is there anyway to export to Excel in a column format? I'd like to be able to delete some of the information and re-arrange the remainder of the information when exporting to a csv. Currently each line exports to a single cell and the information (Title, Album, Genre, etc.) can't be globally manipulated.

Can you give an example? I'm not sure if I understand you correctly.

When I export using the csv option all of the linear information is exported together to the same cell, for instance in one cell it looks similar to:
c:\documentsandsettings\abbafernando3:28mp3pop3142kb and so on. I can't delete columns or sort in anyway because all of the above is in just one cell (column). I renamed the original export file and then played around with some of the syntax but I'm by no means a programmer and it showed. I also looked around the forum and got some ideas but none of them worked for me, probably associated with my not being a programer. I also modified the columns by deleting all the columns I did not want to see when exporting. When I look at them while using the program only those I want to see show up but when exporting they all show up as above. Thanks in advance

Please read this and come back with your questions:
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I saw this last weekend and cut and pasted but got the same syntax error. That's when I started playing around with the coding but not being even an entry-level programer I didn't have much success. I was smart enough however to have renamed the original csv file so that when I was through screwing up in my attempts I could un-rename and get back to the original.

I think the problem that all information is exported to one single cell might be caused by Excel not recognising the semicolon as a column separator.

Can you please try to replace all semicolons by commas in the export configuration (or vice-versa if you already use commas as column separator).

Which version of Excel are you using?

if you just doubleclick a CSV file it will open in Excel but the semicolon isn't recognized as a delimiter (at least with Excel up to version 2003).

so first start Excel and File Open your CSV file. you will get a wizard letting you specify your delimiter ...

(we had a similar problem in this (German) thread: /t/2798/1

HTH, andreas