Export to Windows Media Playlist (.WPL)

You can make a simple MTE-file to create a play list in the WPL-format (Windows Media) using the export function of MP3tag.

Installation and use:

  1. Open Run Dialog by clicking Start->Run
  2. Copy this text %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\export into the text field of Run Dialog.
  3. Click OK. A folder named "export" will appear.
  4. Put the attached .MTE (or build one yourself, see below) in this folder
  5. Start MP3tag and open a folder containing media files
  6. Select the files you want to appear in de Playlist
  7. Make an export selecting Windows Media Playlist form the menu
  8. The default name for de Playlist will be %artist% - %album%.wpl
  9. Open an explorer windows and browse to the created .WPL
  10. Double Click and Windows Media Player will open en play the list.

Create .MTE:

  1. Open a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and copy the code below in a new file.

  2. Save the file as Windows Media Playlist.MTE

    $filename(%artist% - %album%.wpl,utf-8)<?wpl version="1.0"?>

    %artist% - %album%


You may also use the attached zipped .MTE file

Windows_Media_Playlist.zip (385 Bytes)

Thanks for the contribution! I've moved the discussion of the file upload issue to a separate topic.

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