Extended view changes the order of multivalue components

I noticed something rather buggy when editing multivalve tag. Components are changed arbitrarily.
Tag: Artist
Value Before: Value1\\Value2
Value After: Value2\\Value1

Value1 and Value2, appear in different row in extended view.
I modify Value2 but it moves up unexpectedly.
Am I missing some mp3tag feature? I hope this one has a On/Off switch (defaulted to NO of course).

No it has not.
I don't think that you can set the order anywhere.
BTW: I just edited a track with a multi-value field via the extended tags dialogue and the order stayed, even after closing the dialogue ...

Yes, the order is supposed to stay in the sequence of the individual fields on the extended tag dialog. Please post detailed steps to reproduce the issue in case you observe something different.

Edit tag Artist in Extended view.
Step 1. Artist = Value1\\Value2

Step 2. Change Value1 to Value1$ and press OK.

Result is Artist = Value2\\Value1$

Order has changed.
I believe this behavior it is linked to special characters.

These are not detailed steps to reproduce the issue.

Are you editing those fields in the extended tag dialog or is the tag panel or the file list involved also. Are there any contents present before? Are you removing the contents before step 2.

Please make a little bit more effort in describing this if you want me to research this further.

Amended my previous comment with detailed steps.
Hopefully you can reproduce it the same way as me.

I also tried it with a multi-value field with 3 values.
As soon as I add a non-alphabetic character to an existing string/value, then that value goes to the end of the list.
e.g. string -> string. or stri-ng or string#
This is also true if the value contains a non-alphabetic character and the modification consists of alphabetic characters.
e.g. string. -> shtring.

All these tests have been made in the extended tags dialogue.

In my testing this issue is not limited to special characters.

I tested with a clean, tag-less flac file.

In Extended Tags I added this to the empty file:


Then I closed Extended Tags

Then I opened Extended Tags again and edited "Bob" to "Bobby" which put the field last:


I also repeated the above with an mp3 file with the same result.

I can reproduce the order change when editing individual fields. I got sidetracked by

which always preserves the given order. I'll look into it and see what I can do.

Take your Time Florian.
It is not something blocking in the short time anyway. I only noticed by chance when doing some tests for my scripts.

This is now fixed with Mp3tag v3.04b. Thanks for reporting and the detailed explanations from everyone!

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