Extracting text within () from title to albumartist

Hello, I have used MP3TAG to manually edit individual files but now I have a lot of Mashup files whose title have text like the following. (artist1 vs artist2 vs artist3). I would like to extract the text and then copy to album artist. I would also like to remove the text from original title as well. I looked but as I have never done scripting it is not clear. I even saw some listings that said variable length gets would not be possible. Is this simple and I am missing something. Also I have looked at help files but examples don't seem to fit what I want to do. Is there a separate tutorial? or a you tube video? I can do manually but since i am now retired I really want to learn how to use this great product. Thank you in advance.

Please show us a real example how your TITLE looks currently and how you would like to have filled the ALBUMARTIST tag.
Something like this:
TITLE Kontra K (vs Sido) vs Leony
ALBUMARTIST: Kontra K; Sido; Leony
ALBUMARTIST: Kontra K\\Sido\\Leony

As you are very vague what the strings look like I can only direct you to the thread that also includes the link to the "swiss army knife" to move text around:

Thank you for your offer to help. I have mashup files that have TITLE like this:
Name of song (artist1 vs. artist2)
Sometimes there are even more listed artists. When I do manually I just select the text from parenthesis to parenthesis and then cut and paste to ALBUMARTIST field. I was hoping to automate this as the files have same format. Musicbee which I am using for my mashup files allows for searching on names in ALBUMARTIST field. I have seen people use ; and // as separators is there an advantage to doing this? As I had been doing manually I had left the formatting alone.
I guess I am too new and the syntax in examples don’t make sense to me yet. I was hoping if someone would show me how to do this I could reverse engineer and learn the syntax of text scripting. Or if someone can point me in direction of very basic examples I can learn by example. Again thank you in advance for your help

As you are new, I would suggest that you use the Convert function, in this case: Convert>Tag-Tag for ALBUMARTIST
Format string: %albumartist% $regexp(%title%,.*\((.*)\),$1)
This should copy the part in parenthesis to ALBUMARTIST

To remove the copied part, use Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE
Format string: $regexp(%title%,(.*)\(.*\),$1)

The converter has a preview, so you should see immediately whether it leads to the desired result.

Thank you I will try it in the morning as it is 2 AM for me here in Chicago.

Thank you that did work!

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