[F] audio file tags deleted instead of saved

I check all my files with mp3val befor etagging them, to take out the most common file errors.

Now, I sometimes come across files that have tags across the board and if I change one entry (in, say, author), and then save, the entry gets deleted entirely. Anything I add into that field afterwards gets deleted. Same goes for the image: If already present, and I try to add another or change it, it vanishes. This, I cannot add again in WinExplorer, so the file will remain bare afterwards.

The entry used to be visible in iTunes and Windoes explorer, but after changeing in in mp3tag, the filed is then empty in all other programs. I then have to manually add some text into the then-empty fields using WinExplorer / File Properties / Details. Then, iTunes at least can find the entry again, though the line remains empty in mp3tag indefinitely. This is not specific to this version, but has occurred acros many different versions.

I have seen this with mp3 as well as MPEG-4 Audio File (m4a) and MPEG-4 Audio File protected (m4b) files, though most prevalently with the latter. The files are not protected as per file details, and are not in hhidden or read only mode. It also doesn't matter if I run mp3tag as admin or not.

edit: 2 sample files that didn't work:
type m4b, one coded with Nero AAC codec / (57 kBit/sec, 22kHz, mono), the other with Lavf56.40.101 (62 kBit/sec, 22kHz, mono)

Seems to be something specific to the files that mp3tag reads incorrectly?

I come across this phenomenon only if WMP is open at the time of editing.
The effect is esp. visible, if the access to the files is a little slower e.g. when using an external drive, connected via USB.

So please avoid to have other programs accessing music files while you use MP3tag.

I have long since uninstalled WMP and have no other players running.
Just tried it again. this happens with all m4b files and none others.

It happens if the files have nero tags.
These are not supported by MP3tag.
It's a pity that you edited your original post after I answered.

Ah, I see, thank you.

Any plans to add functionality for Nero and Lavf tags in the future?

There threads link this one from 2004
and very little has changed ever since. Neither has nero become more standard nor have nero tags been added to MP3tag.
As the ordinary tags are more compatible, I would delete the nero tags.

How do I delete tags? Whatever I add in mp3tag vanishes as soon as I press "save".

Also, what about Lavf56.40.101 tags?

Use the "Cut tag" function from the files list context menu.
Use the "Paste tag" function to paste the tags (back) that are supported by MP3tag.

Ah, excellent suggestion.
I only just noticed that I can only remove all the stuff that I never touched before.
Everything I overwrote accidentally (e..g by mass-editing all genres to one I liked better) I coonot cut, as they are empty now.
once I complete the cut operation, I can re-write all fields with text left-over nicely, but the ones that have been "emptied" by mp3tag's attempt to overwrite the original tag do not accept any new tags and just remain empty.

It could be that tags are stacked on top of each other.
Try the cut operation twice (or even more times) and see if you can save any tags then.

No, didn't work. In fact, I also noticed that even if I do delete tags, they are gone, with sometimes the exception of the "year" - I cannot re-write them. Also, MP3Tag will always display whatever the original value/text was, even if I change the official tag in Windows Explorer / Details. Once, however, I try to enter any new text and save, the field will be blank forever after (even the stuff I entered in Windows explorer is then blank, and I have to re-write everything there). As this happens on two totally independent PC's, it seems to be programming related. Now, once I have an m4b file, I don't even bother with it in mp3 tag, as it only ends up destroying the tags. Unfortunately...

If it happens to the same file on different PCs I would say, it is related to the file.
As you have an MP4 file: does it have Nero tags? Because these are not supported by MP3tag.

One set of the non-working files has
type m4b, one coded with Nero AAC codec / (57 kBit/sec, 22kHz, mono)
If they are not supported, I suggest disabling the ability to drag/drop them into mp3tag (?) or maybe think about enabling the support - I know there was some discussion int he past that Nero is practically never used globally, but I must disagree with that statement.

the other non-working set has been coded with with Lavf56.40.101 (62 kBit/sec, 22kHz, mono)

Isn't m4b an audiobook?
If this file has chapters then it is not supported by MP3tag, see this German thread (if you like)

or this one:
which at least has some English sections in it.

As it is not generally impossible to edit m4b files (they just should not contain chapters), they are still included in MP3tag.
You can modify the list of treated extensions in File>Options>Tags.
The D&D mechanism does not analyze a file and its contents, just the extension. So it would not be possible to find out if the files are legal ones during D&D.

Yes, they are audiobooks.
I guess this is related to chapterization as mention in the other forae.

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