[F] Not enough memory addressable to complete the operation!

After installing latest version of mp3tag, I started to get errors like this

and this

Mp3Tag version: 2.85h (Dec 13 2017 17.57.44)
Windows 10 version: 1709 / 16299.125 with 32 Gb of memory

Any advise?

As I have loaded much more files than just a thousand with this version, it would interesting to know ...
what size are these files?
are the files ok? (I mean: did you really check the integrity of the files?)
what kind of files are they?
did you switch on the mp3tag internal database?

Thanks for reporting!

Maybe to clarify the questions a bit:

  1. Are you using the new Library feature (Options > Library)?
  2. Is this happening at random stages or with the same file again and again?
  3. How much memory is used by Mp3tag in Task Manager? Can you post a screenshot?
  4. How many files are loaded in Mp3tag at the point of the error?

I know that answering the questions doesn't solve the issue right away for you. However, it would help me in (maybe) understanding the issue and to address it.

— Florian

Thank You for helping me by asking those important questions. I thought I have edited these files before and therefore I did not suspect broken files, but broken the files were anyway.

Files are normal 320kbps mp3 songs. Turns out that there were few specific mp3 files that caused Mp3Tag to run out of memory. MP3 DIAGS revealed problems with non-existent IDV2 tag despite the fact that I could edit IDV2 tag without problems using another tag editor. I couldn't pinpoint exact reason for the error, but I finally found out that deleting whole IDV2.3 tag was the solution. Deleting or rewriting individual fields of the IDV2 tag did not make any difference, nor did modifying or deleting IDV1 tag, which was present in all cases.

I should have checked mp3 files before posting a bug report, so I feel a bit stupid now... but the problem is solved and it had nothing to do with Mp3Tag, which is working as intended.

Status: Case solved, no bug (= user error)
Cause: Broken mp3-files.

Thanks for coming back so quickly and glad the issue got resolved.

Do you happen to have the original files that caused the issues? It would be great to reproduce it here and maybe add some means of detecting such files, so that a more fitting error message can be displayed.

Kind regards
— Florian

I'm sorry, I already fixed them all, there are no originals (with error) left.

No problem :slight_smile: If you ever come across one of those files, you can send it to me right away.

Kind regards
— Florian

I found another one. I did send it to email address info@mp3tag.de. If that is not adequate, please give me more detailed instructions to send you mp3-file. If that's ok, great.

PS: I got bounce: "552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed limit". So sending via email (17,3Mb) did not work.

If you have Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud storage service, you could upload it there and send me a link (preferably via private email). Another option would be to use any other file upload service, e.g., https://file.io

Kind regards
— Florian

Ok, file.io link sent to email address info@mp3tag.de.

And received. I'll look into it.

Kind regards
— Florian

The bad allocation error was caused by an invalid UFID ID3v2 frame in the example file. It's fixed with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.85k.

If you encounter any other files that are causing issues, please keep them coming :slight_smile:

Kind regards
— Florian

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