[F] problems with ":" when renaming file

if the is a ":" for example in the %album% the ":" should be replaced or filtered out when using
Konverter > Tag - Dateiname

But maybe the problem is not the ":" but a "\\" in the new filename.
This is my formatstring:
%band%\%album%$num(%track%,2) %artist% - %title%
but if for example the %band% is empty, the new filepath looks like this:

G:\Musik\\blablabla\01 blablabla
Better would be:
G:\Musik\blablabla\01 blablabla
G:\Musik_\blablabla\01 blablabla

or better: the %artist% should be used by default if %band% is empty (this is the way some other programs do)

I use a Action (Alt-5) for this:
Formatstring: $validate(%album% - %artist% - %title%,)
This will strip away ANY impossible character, not just the ":"
There are many more unwanted chars like \ /*?"<>¦....

I have only the german help-text (help/main_scripting.html)

Ungültige Zeichen aus Dateinamen entfernen

Befehl: $validate(filename, to)

Beispiel: $validate(%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%,-)
Dieses Beispiel ersetzt alle für Dateinamen ungültigen Zeichen (/?*"<>|:slight_smile: in der übergebenen Zeichenkette durch Bindestriche.

good idea.
my problem is, mp3tag crashes if there are invalid characters. So my idea is to use this function $validate(filename, to) by default (there is a default formatstring, it is saved anywhere, but I don't know where)

this works fine for me:
$validate($iflonger(%band%,,%band%,%artist%)$iflonger(%album%,,%album%,unbekannt)$num(%track%,2) %artist% - %title%, -)

This has been addressed with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.43b.

I've tried this:


which converts all invalid characters to "-"

Is there anyway to modify this so it converts "/" to "-" and "?" to "¿" and ":" to ";"

This would match the procedure used by dBpoweramp CD ripper, which would make things nice and tidy.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I don't now how to make this different conversions.

But during tagging many classical mp3 I found a way to write a /-like sign in the filenames. The needed char has the Unicode U+0338. The easiest way to get it is to start CHARMAP.exe and then scroll down in the Arial font until you find ̸ -> not /)
Just make a space before and after this ̸ sign and you can rename your filenames like that:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Serenade No. 10 for 12 Winds & Contrabass B-Flat-Major, K. 370a ̸ 361 ''Gran Partita'' - Ia. Largo

At least for my Vista that works. I have no idea what kind of impact this could have to other devices like phones or mp3-players! So use it with caution!!

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