[F] Progress bar fault in actions (2.86b)

Progress bar's window pops up, but does not show the progress and text.
May be, in other operations too.
In saving data (with Save button) works well.

2.86 works well.

Even though it appears only briefly, I see both: text and bar.
What kind of action do you try to execute?

Simple Replace, in album names.

Tried it with 249 files and replaced "e" with "e" - and got both: bar and description.

My job was to point. :smiley:
I returned to 2.86.
Shall look in next editions.

I tried with 1500 files (from "Bravo Hits " to "Bravo Hits 0", as they reached 100 :smiley: ), then the same in one directory. Both faults.

I try to take you serious. I even took the effort to reconstruct the conditions under which you might have experienced that what you told us.
So, now we have the situation that the error is there and is not there. In one case there is a pointer at a possible bug, in the other it points to nothing. What now?

(I had some other difficulties with 2.86b which went away after I reinstalled 2.86b again - so perhaps that is worth a try.)

In fact, I can not understand you exactly. Of course, thank you for the help, for the reply. From the other hand, NOW it is not a "real" bug FOR ME, as I could simply return to 2.86. I wrote a bug report FOR YOU, for Florian, as a little help (I thought) in development. I wrote you all my conditions, I do not know, what else can I write about it.

But of course, I try now to reinstall 2.86b, as you wrote. Shall inform you quickly.

So, I reinstall it -- the situation is the same.
Now the language I used English instead of hungarian.
Now (that same) replace action I did not on all opened files, only on one directory (3 dirs were open).

And no difference, the situation is the same...

An idea. Maybe incorrect, of course. Earlier I wrote about some (2 or 3) bugs, what, mostly, "live" only at me. One of them was silently corrected, the others remain. I wrote, that I use Mp3tag in "hard" conditions: 65 (!) columns are shown (totally have more than 100), and 20 fields on left (plus standard fields). May THIS be the cause of "my only" problems?

(If it will help, I can send you my configuration or part of it.)

I switched to the more problematic system.
There indeed I get a message box that is supposed to show the status bar plus some text but the progress bar never progresses and no text appears.
But the application stays in the "inactive" mode (so also reported by the Task Manager).
This is due to some problems with the connection of the external hdd which is somehow slow.
When the process finished, you get a glimpse of a full progress bar - and the message in the status bar, that so-and-so-many files were treated.
Is this what you mean?

Edit: I have the phenomenon on this external HDD which houses the data and a portable installation of MP3tag that the progress dialogue goes into the "inactive" mode.
This is a little annoying as esp. this kind of dialogue should help you to pass the time.

I also performed an action where existing entries of the database had to be replaces by the new stuff. And database and audio data are on the same drive.
Together with this strange implementation of the USB3.0 driver, the external drive goes into a 100% busy mode. No progress indication from then onwards.
This is something that got worse with 2.86b.

Ohrenkino, thank you for your help.

Exactly! With the first part of your message, to "(so also reported by the Task Manager)".

External HDD? May be. I got one (Western Digital 2 TB). The mentioned replacement in album names I did on 1500 files of internal HD (HP laptop) and external WD, too (as there are backup copies of all music files). Sorry, I can not remember, was WD-HD connected at both time, or not.

And can not say you about "When the process finished, you get a glimpse of a full progress bar - and the message in the status bar, that so-and-so-many files were treated.". The process took in total ~10 minutes, as I remember, and, of course, while waiting, I switched to other application. When Mp3tag finished the job (3 orange blinks on taskbar, as usually), I switched back, but could see only usual, working-responsing state after completed job, not the mentioned by you glimpse and message.

Now I switched back :smiley: again to 2.86b, and try it again. Shall inform you.
(By the way, you wrote about external HD only. Do not think you, that my so difficult configuration of columns affects the situation?)

WOuldn't think so.
Now careful: the external HDD only plays a role if data is accessed by MP3tag on that drive. Otherwise: who cares?

Yes, my goal is to differentiate with the ext.HD connection.

(First, a little about my configuration: I have installed Mp3tag in internal HD, in C:\ drive. Database is on C, too -- I use it. Music files are on this HD, in D:\Art\Music folder. And have a files' backup on external HD.)

The test ends quickley. HD was NOT connected. Plus, I closed foobar2000, too (usually it runs all time, and it monitors the music library permanently, too). I opened those same ~1,500 music files from my music library on internal HD, drive D. Selected 2 of them folders, 46 files. Did the mentioned replacement in album names.

The situation is the same: inactive mode, progress bar's message box shows nothing. After the completition I expected nothing those mentioned by you -- Mp3 simply returned to responsible state. By the way, the time for the operation was nearly OK.

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For the last issue (2.86) a situation could be provoked where MP3tag crashed that while loading (or manipulating) files, you could restart MP3tag.
So I suspect that the "file manipulation" is set to a application-modal mode that does not allow any other events in this application.
When you modify only few tags, then this could be compensated by the cache.
If there are more manipulations, then the application sort of freezes with the unpleasant side-effect that it does not give as much user-feedback as it did before, yet it continues to work in the background.
Probably this mode is safer as it does not lead to the described kind of crash.
Let's hear it from the source.

Did you mean, Florian?

Yup! I'm just a plain user.

Thanks both of you for taking the time to investigate this issue. Can you please try with this version:


@incifinci I'm moving the database-related issues to a separate topic.

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I tested it with some of the Bravo Hits.
I did get a progressing progress bar and a counting counter how many got processed.
MP3tag does not switch to "not responding" mode.

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@Florian, thank you! Now the progress bar works well, as earlier.
...on files in internal HD,
...with opened foobar2000,
...at simply connected external HD,
...and on files in that external HD, too.

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