[F] Sending multiple files from foobar to Mp3tag does not send them all


I saw this behavior in last (3? 6?) month. Win7x64hun, Mp3tag allways the last (beta too), foobar allways the last (beta too). Earlier (through years) scripts worked without problem.

When I send multiple files from foobar2000 (using Run services) to Mp3tag, not all files "landing" in Mp3tag's list, only some (sometime only 1) of them. Repeating 3-6 (!) times the operation in foobar usually resolves the problem.

Sending files from Total Commander I never saw such behavior. I think, it is associated with foo_run (and it is Florian's brilliant work, too - thanks for it!) or with foobar itself.

2 scripts in Run services are:
"C:\Program Files '('x86')'\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "$substr(%_path%,0,$strrchr(%_path%,''))"
"C:\Program Files '('x86')'\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "$left($directory_path(%_path%),$sub($len($directory_path(%_path%)),$len($directory(%_path%))))"

Using the second script (sending folders) the bug seems much less often, not all times. Using the first script (sending files) seems in 95% of cases.


It seems you have similar problems to those of mine of Mp3tag and Free Commander "send to" options



They most likely have little in common with your issue, but maybe reading those will guide you toward if not explanation then at least a workaround


Zerow, thank you for your reply. I read them - but still my workaround left the click-click-clik... :slight_smile: Or, drag and drop.


But I see, in my first comment I did an error. Those 2 scripts are not for sending files, or sending folders, but for folders and parent folders. The right ones:

  1. Send file(s)
    "C:\Program Files '('x86')'\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "%_path%"

  2. Send directory(s)
    "C:\Program Files '('x86')'\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "$substr(%_path%,0,$strrchr(%_path%,''))


So did you managed to get rid of the bug?

Or that your solution only work a certain percent of the time?

I've managed to overcome my problem with sending files from FreeCommander to Spek and Spectro [http://forum.freecommander.com/viewtopic.php?p=24094#p24094] but I completely forgot, that I also have a problem when sending files from FreeCommander to Mp3tag [http://forum.freecommander.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=7106]

One file is not a problem. But when selecting multiple files for sending, not all of them are loaded to Mp3tag; and that bug doesn't seem to follow a pattern

[I've recently tried different settings if FreeCommander, even more than why I dealt with the Spek and Spectro issue, but It didn't helped]


No, I could not.

My "solution" (click-click-click...) in fact, not a real solution; so much the more, in case of ~10< files does not work.


It seems, that 2.85e solves this probleme. :slight_smile:

Little later: not every time :frowning: -- but in most cases (nearly 99%). Big difference! :smiley:


Just out of curiosity, I was reviewing posts and came across something that may be useful to both of you or may not be...you decided but here it is...

HowTo - Start Mp3tag from Total Commander



I could switch to Total Commander; or point out the makers of FreeCommander to this TC solution, in hopes of them utilizing it somehow

Thak you


Since then, I have not noticed the error. 99% seems to be 100%, so, Florian, in my opinion the original bug (foobar>>Mp3tag) now is fixed ([F]). And thank you for the correction.