Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1) > 0:SSL error

Good Morning,
I have searched for this issue but have not found anything like it. I am sure it must be a problem on my end but I am not sure what has changed to cause it. I just upgraded my installation to the newest 3.00 today in the hopes of fixing it but I still get the following error;

Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1) > 0:SSL error: WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_FLAG_SECURITY_CHANNEL_ERROR internal error.

I am not sure what SSL channel it is using that worked before but doesn't work today.
Windows 7 Professional 32 bit fully patched

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!!!!

My apologies......I didn't find this one from one hour ago. I will follow the thread but the expiration of Windows 7 now seems to make some sense but the fact that Discogs would even really need to revoke a cert for that seems.....not nice.....does MS have stake in Discogs???? Might make some upgrade to 10 just for the fact......

Your Windows 7 key should activate Windows 10 for free, google for it.
Btw: continue using windows 7 connected to the internet would be stupid - in my opinion.
world/internet is evil, except that forum surely :slight_smile:

Duly noted. Thank you for the response!!!!!

I am having the same issue. Also Windows 7.

Win7 (and Win8) should work again with Discogs, see here