Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1)

Today, turned on pc, tried to update some of my mp3s and this is what I got when trying to connect to discogs with pone and the default script.

See Attached picture.

Nothing has changed from yesterday! Nothing new installed/uninstalled.

I've tried the recommendations here;

[WordSeperator]=+ (was %20 and back again)
[Encoding]=utf-8 (was url-utf-8 and back again)

Then I tried my own things;

Logged into my discogs acc and revoked the app authorisation.
Hoping mp3tag will ask for it again.

Deleted mp3tag.cfg (backed it up first, ofcourse)
Cleaned the Registry with CClean
Updated Windows
Cleaned the Registry with CClean
Update Windows Time Server (to, was always iffy)
Cleaned the Registry with CClean

In between all these steps loads of coffee.


Prior to this, I would occasionally get a "Discogs 401 error" if the tag contained stange charecters, especially on pone, but I would work around it.
But this one seems fatal.

It was a fun and productive couple of weeks with mp3tag.
Is this end for me with discogs and mp3tag?

Any help/ideas greatly appreciated.

mp3tag 2.77
Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64, totally up to date!

Exactly the same is happening with me today on Win 10.
Just reinstalled the latest version and I can't get into Discogs :frowning:

Actually, I just found that I can get to Discogs when I use the general Discogs setting. I just can't get onto Discogs when I try to use any of the Pone settings. How odd.

Yep - same thing Error connecting to server: 401: UNAUTHORIZED

And I've been on it pretty much constantly the last week. Presume it is a change at Discogs end

Everything was working fine a couple of hours ago. Now I'm getting:
Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1) >> 403: Forbidden

Using Win 10, Mp3Tag 2.77. Occurs with Mp3Tag Tag Source discogs>release Id extended and with Pone Updated 4.4 Direct by Discogs ID. Looks like Discogs made a change.


Some good news.
Just tried to connect to discogs with the default script. Was asked to authorise the app, and every thing worked normally.

But pone will not connect with any combination of options, even pure ascii characters in the tags.
I get a 403: Forbidden error. Not the usual 401 error.

Maybe something on the dsicogs end?

I found a fix in the Pone mod Web Sources Scripts thread that works for me in both the Mp3tag Discogs script and the Pone Mod Direct by Discogs ID script. You have to edit the source for the script and after the line
Add the following line

Thanks to clouseau for the fix.


Fantastic, Gary.
I also just tried opening the Pone scripts and placing your idea in the rest of them.

Basically, I added the line [UserAgent]=1 underneath ALL the other Pone script lines that start with [SearchBy=]

I can now get it to work with the Standard Search, Discogs ID and Discogs URL scripts.
It would seem that this method doesn't work with some of the other scripts though - the ones with 'album', 'artist', 'label' etc in the title.

Any updates gratefully received but for now, I'm very happy with the Standard Search, URL and Discogs ID.
Thanks again for that tip @ Gary.

Same situation here.
Can't find most things as before.

My work around is to use the Advanced search in discogs and use the Discogs ID in the script;

Very long winded but at least we can connect.

Thanks guys for the heads up.

As per discussion:

If you go in to your .src files and change 'http' to 'https' so, using the '&discogs#Search by Artist + Al&bum.src' as an example, the script reads:


Pone successfully connects to Discogs.

Edit: Making sure [UserAgent]=1 is added below the [SearchBy] command.