[Feature Req.] Enlarge album art when clicked and held

I use the great 'Album Art Downloader' program in conjunction with MP3Tag, one of the features of AAD is that you can click and hold on one of the hits from the album cover search and it will then show a larger image until you release the mouse button.

I think it would be nice to add that capability to MP3Tag's art view in the left pane, just a click and hold and have the art enlarged. I find this helpful when I may need to change the album tags to match the text on the album cover itself and I can't make it out in the small thumbnail of the left pane. Thanks as always for MP3Tag!


I don't read German (does Yiddish count? :upside_down_face:), but I second this idea. Just yesterday I ran into this, where I was trying to decide whether to keep the artwork, or add my own, to a new album. But the existing image is so small, it's hard to tell which is better.

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ruff english translation (thx Google Translate! ;->):
"The space used for displaying the cover in the tag panel is quite small, which I also find useful. After all, you don't want the tag panel to be excessively large and leave enough space for other fields. Every now and then I would like to have the cover displayed in large size so that I can see details. I therefore suggest a quasi ZOOM function when clicking on the cover, which allows the standard software set in the system to display the cover in its original size. If …"

i've been wanting the same thing for many years! i didn't find this thread when i first started searching, so i was going to post my own new feature request, but found this before i posted. here's my use-case:

i 'correct' (relative to me ;->) artist info by removing additional artists (from the 'artist' field) and move them to the 'title' field appending "(ft. )". based on 'album art' (cover) most of the time i know what can be moved to the title as a feature artist, vs what should remain in the artist field (which i'll then change to join multiple artists w/ one of the following: &/+/x/vs/etc). however the field is quite small and can be hard to read the really small text where it usually shows featured artists. so... i bring up web browser to search for the matching album art, but would not be needed if i could just enlarge it a bit (even just double the size) w/ a mouse-click. just a thought...

been using your app for many years (5-10? lost track how long), and LOVE it, nothing comes close (IMHO). this feature request is a "wish list" item of mine for a while, and figured i'd throw it out there.

I've just released Mp3tag v3.10b and added a cover preview window which can be shown by double-clicking on the cover on the Tag Panel.


that is AWESOME!! thx for listening & resolution. wasn't a major issue, just a slight frustration when doing this in high repetition. :wink: now, if only i could get to that or v 3.11 w/o the dark mode glitches. i'm sure they'll get resolved soon, and i'll keep checking each new version. you guys are ROCK STARS!! thx!!


Excellent work Florian, thank you once again.

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I think, enlarging the Cover Preview by "holding down the mouse left button" will interfere with the drag drop abilities for Cover import and export by dragging any Cover Image from the desktop or from any other path or even from any website onto the Cover Pane.
★ Maybe, the enlarging of a Cover image could be done by another way: multiple double clicks for zooming it in different sizes or maybe with a middle click of the mouse button, or maybe it could be done by holding down the shift key with the left mouse button. Also it would be better, if the zoomed Cover Image could have arrows for previous and for next Cover Images.

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